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What to do on the weekend? Dream!!! And make plans) Get inspired! ❤️

Updated information about our events at the end of 2019 and in 2020. Teams for all campaigns are already being formed, we are waiting for active and driving ones! ⛵️🚘🏃🏻‍♂️

1. 🇺🇦 🏴‍☠️Pirate party in honor of the end of the travel season 2019. Saturday November 16, 16.30, Dnipro. Pre-registration and payment are required!

2. 🇬🇷🇪🇸🇪🇺 November-December 2019. Transition on a sailing catamaran in the Mediterranean Sea of ​​Athens-Malaga. 1,500 nautical miles. Unique maritime practice! Certified captains only!

3. 🇳🇦 January 2020. AFRICA. Jeep tour Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe. Not Relax! Expedition to the world of wildlife and unique tribes. Departure from Kiev to Windhoek 02.02.20. Two formats: two weeks (all of Namibia – January 2-16) and three weeks (Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe – January 2-23) There are three jeeps – only 12 people. Free 2 places.

4. 🇨🇻🇧🇷January-February 2020. Transatlantic transition Cape Verde – Brazil. From 1,500 miles. Only captains!

5. 🇨🇺 February 2020. CUBA. On comfortable catamarans – across the Caribbean! Iguanas, lobsters and rum. Beautiful Relax + adventure under the motto “back to the USSR.” It is advisable to plan plus 1 day (Friday before your start) for a tour of Havana on rare convertibles. February 15-22 and February 22-29, 2020. One free seat)

6. 🇪🇸 March 2020. CANARY ISLANDS. Sports yachting in the ocean. Winds, banks, stretched sails, long sea passages, dolphins and whales. Travel to volcanoes and relict forests. Dates – as agreed.

7. 🇬🇷 May holidays – 2020. GREECE.
A warm sunny sailing trip to the most beautiful islands of the Ionian Sea (Lefkada, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Ithaca). In each trip we go with a mini-flotilla – 2 Yachts and a catamaran. Ideal for a first yachting experience and relaxation with children from 8 years old.
Early booking and timely purchase of tickets will make this trip as financially enjoyable as possible)

– May 2-9, 2020,
– May 9-16, 2020,
– May 16-23, 2020
Attention! There are already very few empty seats, book now!

8. 🇭🇷 With our partners in CROATIA. Catamaran. Chamber rest. Dates May 23-30 (free 2 cabins, each for 2 people); 05.30-06.06.20 (freedom of 2 cabins); 06.06-13.06.20 (freedom 2 cabins)

9. 🇳🇴 All of August 2020 – amazing NORWAY! Yacht trekking trip. Yachting along the most beautiful southern fjords, plus the three most iconic trekking in Norway: to the Troll language, to the pulpit of the Preacher, to the pea stone. Plus unique fishing and walks through the picturesque ancient towns – Bergen, Stavanger, Roosendaal.

– August 1-7 – there are no free places!
– August 7-15. The newest Yacht of the Duport brand, will leave the shipyard in May 2020, three cabins, each with its own bathroom – while this whole Yacht is free;
– August 15-22 – there are two yachts, free two cabins (4 people)
– August 22-29 – there are two yachts, one cabin is free (2 people)

10. 🇮🇹 🇫🇷 September 2020. SARDINIA and CORSICA. Luxury yachting in Italy and France in one trip! Warm, tasty and very beautiful Relax) The case when Paradise is on Earth!
Dates: September 19-26, 20.20; 09/26/03/10.20

11. Always in good weather – FLIGHTS on light-engine aircraft. Dnieper, Kamenka airfield. ✈️

12. Always ready to create a Dream trip for a ready-made team (any number of people) ❤️

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