For women
Between the brows
Legs to the knees
Legs above the knee
Feet completely
Bikini deep
Axillary areas
Upper lip
For men
Legs to the knees
Feet completely
Axillary areas
* when depilating two zones – 5% discount
** when depilating three zones – 10% discount
WAX DEPILATION is the removal of unwanted hair.
Wax depilation has the main task – a gradual, almost complete disposal of unwanted hair.
 With regular removal, the activity of hair follicle growth decreases, hair growth begins in 2-3 weeks.
– The length of the hair should not be shorter than 0.5cm and not longer than 1cm.
– Before depilation, shave your hair in 7-10 days.
SHUGARING is one of the most ancient ways of removing unwanted hair. According to some reports, this is how women of Ancient Egypt parted with excess vegetation on their bodies.
For sugar epilation, the hair length must be at least 3 mm. This is significantly less than, for example, for waxing. Also, the removed hair should not be longer than 8 mm, since in this case the master will work harder and the SHUGARING procedure will be delayed. The best time to visit the salon for SHUGARINGA will be when your hair is 3-5 mm long.
For the procedure of sugar depilation, we use the means of one of the leading manufacturers of products for SHUGARINGA. Sugar depilation is the most painless method of removing unwanted hair on the body, it is suitable even for people with sensitive skin and does not cause skin allergy or irritation. Sugar paste is heated to body temperature and does not cause burns, it needs to be removed by the growth of hair, which means they do not break off or grow into the skin. In addition, sugar helps to remove bacteria from the surface of the skin, which means less risk of unpleasant complications.
 The undoubted advantage of SHUGARING is the deep penetration of the components of the paste into the hair follicle, which in turn allows you to get rid of the entire hair, without breaking it and leaving no ingrown hairs. Together with the hairs, the dead skin cells are removed during shugaring, creating a soft peeling effect. The skin is renewed, it becomes softer and smoother.
Sugar depilation has practically no contraindications, exceptions: diabetes mellitus and purulent wounds on the skin surface. SHUGARING is ideal for skin with increased sensitivity.
In addition, it is also worth noting that SHUGARING provides additional and very effective skin care, helps remove upper layer of keratinized layer, nourishes and moisturizes, skin becomes softer and smoother.
And what about men ?!
Purely technically removing unwanted hair from the skin of the body in men and women is no different. But the motives for men to get rid of vegetation on the body are often quite different. Moreover, most often men have to overcome resistance and condemnation of those who consider hair removal from the body as reprehensible and unworthy.
So, what are the motives most often encourage men to agree to epilation:
• As a rule, most often the hair in the skin of the body is removed by those who have something to show: young people and older people who are engaged in sports and try to emphasize the relief of muscles;
• Men of any age who want to diversify their sex lives;
• those who consider skin care without excess vegetation more easy, and lack of hair more hygienic, wants to get rid of such manifestations of excessive sweating as wet spots on the shirt in the region of axillary depressions, on the back;
• professional need: the higher the post, the higher the competition, so attractive appearance and grooming also begin to matter;
• Also, men can remove hair in case of constant irritation from a razor or shaving aids, pustular skin diseases that interfere with normal and clean shaving.
• a violation of the integrity of the skin in the places of the procedure, including wounds, abrasions and scratches
• the presence of pustular and inflammatory processes on the skin, including exacerbation of the disease with herpes
• diabetes
• all stages of pregnancy and lactation (breastfeeding)
• the presence of heart disease of varying complexity
• bleeding disorder
• varicose veins at the site of wax depilation
• epilepsy