General classical massage of the whole body or separate areas (back, cervical collar zone, feet and lower legs, abdomen, hands) 30 min
60 min

Treatment-prophylactic massage *** 30 min
Full body modeling massage
60 min
90 min

Anti-cellulite hand massage of individual areas (thighs, buttocks, stomach, hands) 30 min
60 min

Canal anti-cellulite massage of individual sections 30 min
Honey massage 40 min
Relaxing massage 40 min
Fitness massage 60 min
“Brazilian butt” 40 min
Pressotherapy (instrumental lymphatic drainage massage) 30 min

* When ordering a massage course:
– 5 procedures 5% discount
– 10 procedures 10% discount and one visit to the phyto bar as a gift (or pressotherapy procedure)
** Additional work time of the masseur (at the request of the client): 1 min – 3,00 UAH.
*** Treatment-prophylactic massage according to indications may include post-isometric muscle relaxation, deep muscle training, pain relief, etc.

Massage is one of the important tools for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It is prescribed with bruises with a hemorrhage, stretching of muscles, ligaments and tendons, fractures, dislocations, etc. Massage helps relieve pain. Due to it, edema subsides, hemorrhage resolves, muscles strengthen, joint and muscle functions are restored, bone callus grows faster, etc. Massage is used not only to eliminate pain, but also for preventive purposes.
GENERAL MASSAGE is a full body massage. A professionally performed massage helps to relieve tension and stress, to overall relaxation of the body. After the massage, blood circulation improves, various problems that relate to the spine and other internal organs are eliminated. On the general massage, it should be said that this is actually a pleasant and very useful procedure that allows you to restore and maintain health.
MODELING is literally a “modeling” of the body. This procedure will help remove sagging sides and stomach, “orange peel”, and turn all these shortcomings into your dignity: a flat stomach, a thin waist and elastic buttocks.
Modeling massage is a technique of manual body plasty, the main purpose of which is weight loss and correction of the silhouette. Simulation can be carried out both on the whole body (general) and on individual problem areas.
Modeling massage improves the condition of the skin, subcutaneous fat and allows you to achieve the maximum results in the shortest possible time in reducing body volume, correcting cellulite and returning the tone to the skin. For areas of the greatest accumulation of fat characterized by poor blood circulation, friability of subcutaneous fat, internal swelling. Modeling massage strengthens and improves blood circulation, and, hence, nutrition of tissues. Friability, swelling, skin is tightened, it becomes smooth and elastic. Therefore, it is after the sessions of the modeling massage, when the fat capsules are broken, you can proceed to anti-cellulite procedures.
In the ANTI-CELLULITE MASSAGE process, almost all the classical massage techniques used for foot and buttock massage (stroking, rubbing, pressing, patting) can be used. The difference is only in the intensity of exposure, since anti-cellulite massage is directed primarily at the surface layers of the skin. In the process of massage occurs:
• deep study of individual problem areas;
Stimulates blood circulation;
• activates metabolism, elasticity of muscles and skin.
Massaging the skin of the problem areas, we act on all its layers, on the skin vessels and muscles, on the sweat and sebaceous glands, and also influence the central nervous system, with which the skin is continuously connected. Thanks to massage, the skin vessels expand, it improves blood circulation, which improves its appearance.
The bank is indispensable in the conduct of vacuum massage, due to which there is a rush of blood and lymph to the skin, its nutrition improves, the skin becomes elastic and elastic.


BANCH ANTI-CELLULITE MASSAGE OF FOOT AND BERRIES is the effect of the vacuum element (latex pot) on the subcutaneous fat of the legs and buttocks with the aim of eliminating the edema of the vascular wall and normalizing the blood circulation. Vacuum massage stimulates the activity of the muscles of the legs and buttocks, and also activates the synthesis of proteins, elastin and collagen, improves lymphatic drainage.
BINARY ANTI-CELLULITE MASSAGE OF ANIMAL – will make your stomach elastic and tightened.
To improve the fat burning effect, it is recommended to perform a massage with a massage oil to model the figure.
MASSAGE OF THE FACE removes puffiness and signs of fatigue, improves the contour of the face.
SPANISH MASSAGE OF THE FACE aims to maximize the restoration of the elasticity of the entire face, which occurs in the process of deep relaxation.
In contrast to the usual cosmetic facial massage, the Spanish differs in that it affects the entire face in a complex manner. With this type of massage, lymphatic drainage, muscle stimulation, skin elasticity improvement and, as a consequence, correction of the face oval as a whole. But also one of the features of this massage is that it promotes deep relaxation of all facial tissues.
Thanks to a combination of unique techniques, the course of Spanish massage increases the elasticity of the epidermis many times, removes wrinkles, and reduces the swelling of the face. Improves the color and texture of the skin. During the sessions there is a deep modeling of the whole face:
• destruction of the “second chin”;
• lifting the entire eye area, tightening the upper eyelid;
• correction of the shape of the lips (“silicone effect”);
• improvement of the nasolabial fold;
• getting rid of the “shar pei effect” (depth facelift).
Spanish massage effectively rejuvenates not only the face area, but also the neck and décolleté zone. This technique is ideal even for pregnant women (which indicates its absolute safety). After the course of sessions, all the cells of the epidermis are filled with life-giving oxygen, the flabbiness of the face goes away, the bio- and photoaging of the epidermis slows down many times. Spanish massage is very effective with the following problems:
• decreased immunity;
• lymphostasis of the face (violation of lymph drainage);
• changing the function of feeding the epidermal tissues;
• permanent edema formation;
• Couperose, varicose veins;
• increased dryness of the skin.
The magic technique has a number of contraindications. Spanish massage can not be performed with cancer tumors, infectious and fungal skin diseases, exacerbation of asthma.
Do not think that face massage from wrinkles is recommended only to those over 30 and who noticed the first age changes on his face. This is a great preventive remedy that not only relieves premature skin aging, but also prevents it.
Contra-indications for facial massage:
• any inflammatory processes;
• herpes;
• hemophilia;
• open wounds and injuries;
• warts;
• large moles.
The influence of HONEY MASSAGE and honey itself on the body is very useful, given its powerful healing properties. Honey is very quickly absorbed by the skin and penetrates into its internal layers, giving away all its useful substances. Also, they get into the blood and participate in metabolic processes of the body, so it is difficult to overestimate the effect of honey massage on the body.
Nutrients of honey, and their huge amount, are easily assimilated by the body, thereby extracting the maximum benefit from it.
Honey massage improves blood circulation, opens pores and cleans them, actively removes toxins. The skin, in the literal sense, begins to breathe.
The skin after the massage becomes soft and silky. This procedure also actively affects the cleavage of subcutaneous fat. It is difficult not to notice a positive effect on all internal organs, since their nerve endings are directly related to the skin.
Honey massage is an excellent prevention and treatment of many ailments, both external and internal. Honey massage cleanses the body of harmful substances. Deeply penetrating into the layers of the skin, it absorbs all accumulated toxins. In a few minutes after the procedure begins, the transparent honey turns to grayish, dirty yellow flakes, taking with itself all the harmful substances. With such a natural and thorough cleansing of the body covers, no other medicinal or cosmetic remedy can compare.
Also natural honey has antibacterial, bactericidal, and anti-inflammatory properties. With the help of honey massage, such diseases as vegetovascular dystonia, bronchitis, pneumonia, osteochondrosis, decreased immunity are treated. Due to its properties, honey massage is especially effective in the treatment of joints and nervous system. It removes edema, pain, relieves patients from depression, overwork, stress, helps with insomnia, neurasthenia, makes a person calm and balanced.


MASSAGE OF THE SHEJNO-VOROTNIKOVO ZONE is both a preventative and curative procedure. The purpose of this massage is to improve the blood supply of the entire collar and neck area, relieve fatigue and tension of the muscles, relieve the headache, normalize sleep.
The main medical indications are scoliosis, osteochondrosis of the cervical collar department. But we must remember that in the fight against these ailments, one massage of this zone will not be enough, a number of special therapeutic physical training techniques and proper nutrition are needed.
This massage can be performed in two positions: sitting and lying down. It is important to follow the massage lines in this massaged area, they will depend on hypertension, or on the patient’s hypotension.
HEAD MASSAGE not only improves blood circulation, nutrition and hair growth, especially when they fall out, but also helps you to remove fatigue, headache and relax.
Contraindications of this massage with oily skin, as activated sebaceous glands, as well as for various infectious diseases, eczema, etc.
Massage is performed by soft movements of the fascicles of the fingers, as can be used techniques of light stretching and twitching of the hair that actively improves blood circulation.
General contraindications for the massage:
• benign and malignant neoplasms;
• violation of the integrity of the skin;
• infectious and viral diseases;
• high blood pressure;
• diseases of lymphatic and venous systems;
• tuberculosis, rheumatism, immune system diseases;
• pathology of the cardiovascular system;
• critical days;
• Pregnancy.
POSTIZOMETRIC RELAXATION is built on soft manual techniques to increase the mobility of the spine and joints, restore elasticity of muscles and ligaments. In manipulations, a combination of dosed stretching of muscles and ligaments after their coordinated tension is performed. After such a cunning manipulation, the physiological mechanism of reducing muscle hypertonicity is reflexively triggered. It is this amazing and we can say the magic mechanism underlies the method of post-isometric relaxation, where manual techniques create the most beneficial and easy conditions, in which muscles are easier to relax.
 Postisometric relaxation of the muscles gives the blocked and stiff joints maximum freedom of movement, eliminates chronic aching pains and spasmodic muscle tension.
It is especially effective to conduct sessions of post-isometric relaxation in combination with various massage techniques. In combination with massage, warmed up muscles are much better stretched, and naturally the subsequent manual techniques are practically painless. After a session of post-isometric relaxation, the client always feels pleasant relaxation and ease of gait, and complete freedom of movement.
• Blockade of the musculo-articular joint, with severe pain syndrome – with minimal mobility
• Easy joint blockage
• Muscular-tonic changes in painful muscular syndromes of any location
• Shortened muscles in the imbalance of muscles caused by their chronic or severe overstrain
• Manifestations of caudal syndrome.
• Relapses of herniated intervertebral discs in the early period after surgical treatment.
• Inflammatory processes (discitis, spondylitis, arachnoiditis, etc.)
• General contraindications to massage.