Pressotherapy (apparatus lymphatic drainage massage)

Pressotherapy (apparatus lymphatic drainage massage)
Service Duration of procedure Cost (UAH)
Pressotherapy – one-time visit:
• Of the whole body
• The upper body
• Lower body 30 min
Subscription for 10 pressotherapy procedures:
• Of the whole body
• The upper body
• Bottom of the body 300 min
Application of thermoactive lifting gel on one area under the film (hips, abdomen, hands, buttocks) During the procedure 30.00
Costume for pressotherapy
Pressotherapy jacket
Pants for pressotherapy 1 pc.
* When buying a subscription for 10 procedures, a suit for pressotherapy is a gift.
PRESSOTHERAPY is a technique for affecting the lymphatic system. The procedure of pressure therapy is aimed at solving medical and aesthetic problems associated with healing and correcting a person’s figure. Pressotherapy is an effective method of combating excess fatty deposits, cellulite, prevention of varicose veins. Before the procedure, a special chamber suit is put on the patient, after which air is gradually supplied to these chambers and alternating compression and relaxation occurs. The power of compression and relaxation is controlled by the computer and the program. Pressotherapy, is designed to strengthen the lymph flow and blood circulation, which leads to improved metabolic processes, reducing edema, removing fatigue in the lower limbs and in the body as a whole. The advantage of this procedure is the absence of a recovery period and a small list of contraindications.
The course of pressotherapy procedures consists of 5-12 sessions, with an interval between procedures of 2-3 days. The duration of the session takes 30-60 minutes, depending on the program and individual characteristics.
Indications for pressotherapy:
• Chronic venous insufficiency;
• Puffiness and stagnation;
• Overweight and obesity;
• Stress in the muscles;
• Prevention of thrombosis;
• Prevention of varicose veins.
 Contraindications to pressotherapy:
• Recently suffered thrombosis;
• Cardiovascular diseases;
• Acute inflammation of the skin;
• Pregnancy;
• Renal failure;
• Diabetes;
• Critical days.
With the help of pressotherapy it is possible:
• improve blood circulation and metabolism;
• Remove excess fluid from the body, get rid of toxins;
• combat varicose veins;
• find an easy, flying gait;
• Achieve a magnificent appearance and a slender figure.
The process of pressotherapy.
The process of pressotherapy is based on lymphatic drainage, which activates the work of cells in the body, which break down fats. Lymphatic drainage is combined with cleansing and nourishing the skin. Mechanical action on the epidermis and subcutaneous tissue leads to the displacement of the intercellular fluid.
On the problem areas (hips, waist, legs or arms) special sleeves or cuffs are put on, into which air is pumped with the help of a compressor. Air pressure creates wavy compressions that activate blood circulation in problematic areas. The intensity of pressure is constantly changing, which makes it possible to perform the massage procedure most effectively. And in combination with anti-cellulite cosmetics, the result is incredible.