Eyebrows and eyelashes, visage

Eyebrows and eyelashes, visage
Eyebrow correction
Eyebrow coloring
Eyebrow correction + staining (1-2 weeks)
Eyebrow correction + staining (durability 2-3 weeks)
Eyelash extension classical
Eyelash extension 2D
Eyelash extension 3D
Correction of extended eyelashes classically
Correction of extensions eyelash using 2D technology
Correction of extensions eyelash using 3D technology
Removal of exfoliated eyelashes
Correction of male eyebrows
Makeup Daytime
Make-up evening
Everyone knows that “the eyes are the mirror of the soul.” Captivating languid look, a swing of eyelashes and a gentle smile are capable to win the heart of any man. Therefore, everything in the image of a woman should be perfect, because, having missed one detail, you can even make a beautiful woman a discreet “gray” special.
 Well-defined, regular shape, eyebrows can completely change the facial expression, emphasize its oval, draw attention to the eyes. Therefore, if you want to captivate and fascinate the opposite sex, you must properly look after the eyebrows – pluck out, try to match their color with a touch of hair and so on.
Eyelash extensions have several advantages:
• Eyes become as expressive as possible;
• Ability not to use mascara for eyelashes, thus you save your time;
• Wake up in the morning with confidence in your attractiveness;
• Go on vacation, not remembering decorative cosmetics;
• Building is irreplaceable for solemn occasions, when it is necessary to look as effective as possible;
• The ability to visually adjust the shape of the eyes, making it more perfect.
The technology of performing eyelash extensions 2D and 3D is completely identical. The only difference is the result after the build-up.
The technique of eyelash extensions is to suture every artificial cilia to the base of the natural eyelash. Thus, the glued artificial fibers of eyelashes look natural and natural, without standing out against the background of “native” eyelashes.
To determine what type of building you are more suitable for, before the procedure, you must decide for yourself what result you want to find.
Eyelashes with the effect of 2D will perfectly fit into the everyday image of your outfits. In addition, such cilia will not be so “theatrical” and will optimally emphasize your beauty on any holiday, whether it’s a long-awaited wedding day or birthday party.
Cilia with the effect of 3D as a result become saturated, dense, and the look from under such eyelashes is amazingly deep. Such eyelashes will become an indispensable decoration for a photo shoot or for a very refined and important reception of guests, where in combination with evening makeup cilia with the effect of 3D will provide a dizzying success. Your view will not leave anyone indifferent, shrouded in its charm and enchanting enigma surrounding you viewers.
• Allergies.
• Psoriasis.
• Epilepsy.
• Oncological diseases.
• Diabetes.
• Pregnancy.
• Tuberculosis.