Haircut for women
Partial haircut, hair removal with one cut
Haircut on dry hair
Haircut of bangs
Haircut for children

Mens haircut:
Cutting under the nozzle
Mowing is simple (box, halfbox)
Haircut classic
Creative haircut (including playground)
Beading design (one length)
Creative beard decoration
Decorative drawing
Hair Styling

Staining in one tone (dyeing, washing hair, drying) / master work without material cost

Melting (Staining with white strands with foil) / Master work without material cost
Coloring (dyeing hair in several stages) / master work without the cost of materials
Ombre (coloring with a smooth transition from the darkened root to the light ends)) / master work without the cost of materials
Bioscrew (wrapping hair on bobbin, covering hair with a biocomponent, drying)
Hair washing (female)
Hair Mask
Hair washing (male)
Hair washing
Drying in form
Brush / diffuser installation (washing hair, applying laying fixing agents, drying in the desired shape)
Wrapping with ironing / curling iron (washing hair, applying fixing agents, drying, wrapping strands)
Hair weaving
Weaving 1 braid “Spike” (wax / varnish)
Weaving from 2 braids (wax / varnish)
Hair weaving and decoration in a hairdress using cosmetics (wax / lacquer / shine)

* haircut + painting / packing = discount 10%
** The exact cost of the service for the length of hair 4+ is discussed with the master



* All prices for hair cosmetics are listed in a separate catalog.

Stylish haircut, healthy look and shine of hair, expertly selected color – all this can transform and beautify your appearance, and maybe – in case of a hairdresser’s mistake – completely ruin. That is why mutual understanding between client and master is so important, which should take into account not only your type of face and hair structure, but also lifestyle, and even character.
Haircutting and styling, painting and highlighting, toning and discoloration, curling and straightening, hair treatment – this is not a complete list of services that we will be happy to offer you. Using the professional makeup of the salon master are always aware of the latest trends in hairdressing art. Coming to the salon, our clients really rest and enjoy the work of hairdressers. They love their work here, because the hairdresser does not only make a hairdress – he gives people the beauty and good mood.