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Косметология Днепр лечение целлюлита

Cosmetology Dnepr cellulite treatment
A lot of tests fall on the lot of a modern woman – pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, parenting, work, household chores. And not so much time is left to take care of the beauty of your body. A sedentary lifestyle, an unbalanced diet, snacks on the go, stress, bad habits lead to excess weight, the appearance of local fat deposits and cellulite.

And how you want to look at yourself in the mirror and be satisfied with your appearance and figure!

And yet, let’s figure out what is local body fat and cellulite?

Local body fat is excess body fat in the buttocks, thighs, abdomen, and knee joints.

The accumulation and breakdown of fats in fat cells is regulated through alpha and beta adrenoreceptors located on the cell membrane of a fat cell (adipocyte). Activation of alpha receptors stimulates the synthesis and accumulation of fat (lipogenesis), while beta receptors stimulate its breakdown (lipolysis). The growth of adipose tissue is known to depend on the ratio of alpha and beta receptors in cells.

Women in the breeches, abdomen and buttocks have several times more alpha receptors than beta receptors. This explains the occurrence of local fat deposits in these areas of the body. The maximum number of alpha receptors is located in the abdomen.

With excess calories, the stomach first gets its share of fat and holds it for a long time. With a decrease in the calorie content of the diet, the abdomen does not disappear immediately, moreover, even with complete and prolonged fasting, the cheeks will fall first and the chest will sag, and the abdomen and breeches will be removed last.

Cellulite is a violation of water-fat metabolism. The root cause of the formation of cellulite is the appearance of fat deposits and venous stasis (slow blood flow in the venules). This is due to a sedentary lifestyle and stagnation in the lower extremities.

When venous stasis occurs, the permeability of the vascular wall increases and plasma penetrates from the blood into the intercellular space. Intercellular edema leads to even greater vascular constriction and a vicious circle is formed: the less blood, the less oxygen enters the cell, connective tissue is acidified and proliferates in the subcutaneous fat, which leads to an even greater slowdown in blood circulation in the microvasculature.

Cellulite stages:

1st stage.

Violation of microcirculation (there are practically no visible changes).
2 stage.

Squeezing the vessels of the microvasculature, increasing edema (the skin becomes pale, the skin temperature of these zones decreases, the effect of “orange peel” appears).
3 stage.

Fat cells are soldered by interlobular septa, in which connective tissue grows (“orange peel” relief).
4 stage.

The growth of dense connective tissue (tuberosity, dimples, skin is cold, painful when squeezed).
Now, understanding the cause and process of the formation of local fat deposits and cellulite, it becomes obvious that it is impossible to eliminate them solely by reducing calorie intake and intense physical exertion. But, knowledge of the nature of their occurrence, led to the emergence of a new method of treatment – mesotherapy in the body, aimed specifically at influencing alpha and beta receptors and the formation of cellulite.

Mesotherapy in the body is an injection technique based on the introduction of a therapeutic cocktail into the skin and subcutaneous fat for the treatment of cellulite and the elimination of local fat deposits, with an effect on all links of pathogenesis.

Mesotherapy gives an excellent result, and you can even say that it is a starting and central treatment of importance, since it actively affects directly the cause of cellulite and fat deposits.

The leading drugs for body correction using the “body mesotherapy” technique are lipolytics (substances that enhance the breakdown of fats and destruction of fat cells), vascular preparations that enhance microcirculation and lymph drainage in the area of ​​”problem areas”, defibrosing drugs, as well as vitamins, minerals, and connective components fabrics for skin tightening, etc.

The result is already visible after 3-4 mesotherapy procedures, however, to achieve a lasting effect, it is recommended that 10-12 mesotherapy procedures are carried out with a frequency of 1 time per week.

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