Vibration platform

Vibration platform
One-time visit 10 min
VIBROPLATFORM promotes the circulation of energy and blood. Due to the high-frequency rotation of the spiral clockwise, VIBROPLATFORM promotes the activation of blood vessels, stimulates blood circulation, speeds up the metabolism in the body, increases immunity, despite the fact that the user is in a stationary position, the effect of exercise is achieved. This method is completely based on mechanical vibration. After the procedure, there comes a pleasant feeling of relaxation.
With the help of a high-frequency spiral vibration directed clockwise, the apparatus restores the energy balance, produces a massage effect on the biocurrents and reflex points of the human body,
use of the device stimulates blood flow, enriches the body with oxygen, everyday use of the device promotes the increase of protective properties of cells, strengthens the immune system.
The device allows to synchronize the functioning of all organs and systems, strengthens the conductivity of Jinglo channels, saves from various ailments.
It will be useful to you if you are being victimized by the following diseases:
• hemorrhoids, constipation;
• overweight;
• sleep disorders, insomnia;
• violation of cellular metabolism, obesity;
• Use the device and with pain in the lower back and legs, pain in the shoulders and back;
• chronic gastritis;
• hypertension, coronary heart disease;
• rehabilitation after apoplexy;
• prostate adenoma;
• climacteric syndrome;
• lack of exercise, lack of exercise.