About us

About us

Beauty Studio BEAUTY BAR provides a full range of professional services for all who care about their appearance, their health. At us you will feel care and attention, will be able to emphasize your individuality, change your style, cheer up.

Our masters will listen to all your wishes, about how you dream to look. You can be sure, having addressed in our studio of beauty, that our experts will help you to be transformed and become more self-confident. Beautiful stylish hairstyle, perfectly groomed fingers of the hands and feet, clean young skin, perfect well-being will create your unique image.



Affordable price and high quality are the key to the success of any business. We know that these two things are absolutely compatible and inseparable. We do not operate with the concepts of “exclusivity”, “expensive interior” and, accordingly, do not raise prices to the skies. Instead, we do our job simply qualitatively.


We appreciate your time, therefore we work on the principle of express service – the ability to provide 2-3 services at the same time. For example, styling can be combined with manicure, wraps with face massage, SPA-procedure with eyebrow correction massage with paraffin therapy, etc.


Each tool before the service is cleaned and disinfected, and several stages of sterilization. It is stored until the customer uses it in a special sterile box.


Cozy atmosphere, warm welcome. You will always be offered a cup of aromatic coffee or tea, reminded of a future visit and will be greeted with a smile.