Treatment of cellulite and local fat deposits. Dnipro, Ukraine.

Cosmetology Dnepr cellulite treatment A lot of tests fall on the lot of a modern woman – pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, parenting, work, household chores. And not so much time is left to take care of the beauty of your body. A sedentary lifestyle, an unbalanced diet, snacks on the go, stress, bad habits lead to […]

Cosmetology Dnipro / Dnepropetrovsk: Artichoke Extract; L-canritin; Melilotus extract plus rutin

Cosmetology in the Dnieper, procedures and preparations for cosmetology. Beautician Tatyana Gorchilina +380 67 650 7474 VIBER   Artichoke extract significantly stimulates the synthesis of enzymes involved in anabolic processes that reduce adipose tissue. Thanks to the cleansing effect, it stimulates the outflow of lymph and prevents the retention of water in the tissues, reduces […]

Cosmetology Dnipro / Dnipropetrovsk | Peeling oxigen gel line Oxigen +380676507474

Oxigen gel peeling line Oxigen is specially designed for problem skin prone to oily, acne, hypersecretion of the sebaceous glands, rashes and comedones, both for young and aging skin. It has a powerful antiseptic effect, pronounced cleansing properties, brightens and evens out skin tone. It allows you to get rid of black spots, inflammatory elements, […]

Cosmetology for men. School of Health. GuberniaTV

Cosmetology is usually considered in relation to women. But men have a number of questions to the beautician. There are a number of specific moments of male cosmetology. This is important for career and personal life. All questions you will be happy to answer a highly qualified specialist, a doctor of the highest category, a […]

Cosmetic procedure carboxytherapy in Dnipro / Dnipropetrovsk

NANOBIOCARE SERIES “CARBOXY THERAPY” This is a complete therapeutic system for restoring interstitial respiration and vital functions of skin cells, based on the injection-free transdermal administration of molecular carbon dioxide under the skin. The procedure is based on the effect of Verigo – Bohr, which states that increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the […]

Beauty Marathon №1 Alexandra Posnova

Vuuuh, hi-hi, Pretty Woman! “I decided to do something very cool and new for the beauty side of Yutyube – to hold a week-long marathon of beauty, during which I will analyze 7 important beauty topics, I will open to you many tips and life hacks for these days! 🎀 🔥I recommend to go through […]


Up to this point, I published other people’s articles that reflected different opinions on the subject of vaccination .. I tried to put together all the facets of this problem … to form my own, which I want to share … In order to avoid misconceptions, for the impatient, I want to say at once […]

China boom aesthetic cosmetology and surgery (news)

NTDRussian China boom aesthetic cosmetology and surgery. On hundreds of different stands – the latest developments from the world of medical cosmetology. At the Beijing exhibition of beauty from visitors there is no retreat. The profession of cosmetologist in China is becoming more and more sought after. The market for aesthetic medicine increases by 20% […]

Hardware and Injection Cosmetology. Myths and Reality, – Julia Popovich

UKRLIFE.TV Doctor dermatologist, cosmetologist of the highest category Yulia Popovich told the audience Ukrlife.TV about the medical center “PRIZMA”, as well as the main difference between hardware cosmetology from the classical.

Beauty salon, figure correction, Dnipro / Dnepropetrovsk

Massage in combination with wraps is one of the most attractive procedures. With its help, you can reduce weight, improve blood microcirculation, get rid of cellulite. Compositions used for wrapping are usually prepared on the basis of natural products. Herbs make the skin supple and elastic, saturate the body with vitamins and minerals, seafood has […]