China boom aesthetic cosmetology and surgery (news)

China boom aesthetic cosmetology and surgery. On hundreds of different stands – the latest developments from the world of medical cosmetology. At the Beijing exhibition of beauty from visitors there is no retreat. The profession of cosmetologist in China is becoming more and more sought after. The market for aesthetic medicine increases by 20% per year. To make the skin of the skin whiter and soft will help a new laser to remove pigment spots. And after this procedure, lips tattoo can save women money on lipstick and in any situation remain irresistible. [Lips Tissue Lab]: “This is absolutely harmless to the skin. Lips do not swell. There are no bruises and no edema. ” Among the visitors to this exhibition are owners and employees of beauty salons. Guo Xiaohu has been holding a similar institution in Beijing for several years. Everything new equipment first tries on itself. [Guo Xiaohu, cosmetologist]: “A beautiful appearance can greatly help the labor market. Beauty is very important today. The impression of a person gives birth to his appearance. It’s much easier to find a job with a beautiful person. ” However, aesthetic cosmetology is not the only branch where a boom is observed. Everything is more popular – plastic surgery. Every year in China they make more than a million. [Cao De Tuan, Association of Plastic Surgeons of the People’s Republic of China]: “Today, with a growing competition, a more beautiful face and figure can help gain an edge in the labor market and in choosing a spouse.” However, professionals care: in China, many salons work without the necessary qualifications and an official license. Experts urge the Chinese to be careful when choosing a cosmetologist or plastic surgeon.

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