Beauty salon, figure correction, Dnipro / Dnepropetrovsk

Massage in combination with wraps is one of the most attractive procedures. With its help, you can reduce weight, improve blood microcirculation, get rid of cellulite. Compositions used for wrapping are usually prepared on the basis of natural products. Herbs make the skin supple and elastic, saturate the body with vitamins and minerals, seafood has a general strengthening effect on the body, increase immunity and mood. And in combination with a massage you can ensure yourself an amazing result – reducing the waist and hips at times to 2.5 cm per day! To be beautiful, does not necessarily correspond to the classical canons, it is enough to take care of your body properly.

The specialist of our studio will select the appropriate program for you depending on the style of your life, motor activity and body characteristics.

These programs consist of lymph drainage, anti-cellulite, corrective massages, body peels, effective wraps, application of active serums, as well as the necessary preliminary relaxation of the body in the form of steaming and other thermal procedures.


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