Cosmetic procedure carboxytherapy in Dnipro / Dnipropetrovsk


This is a complete therapeutic system for restoring interstitial respiration and vital functions of skin cells, based on the injection-free transdermal administration of molecular carbon dioxide under the skin.

The procedure is based on the effect of Verigo – Bohr, which states that increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the tissues leads to an increase in the absorption of oxygen from the blood by the tissues. Blood circulation increases and skin cells receive an additional dose of oxygen, their metabolism increases.
This, in turn, stimulates detoxification and the production of collagen – which means there is a natural face lift, skin color improves and becomes healthy and fresh.

Advantages of the procedure:
It is absolutely safe for absolutely any skin type. It has no complications. There is no recovery period. Applicable for different age groups. It has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect.

the appearance of the first signs of aging;
loss of elasticity and skin tone;
skin hyperpigmentation;
dark circles, bags and wrinkles under the eyes;
mimic wrinkles and age-related changes;
acne and post acne;
puffiness and hematomas;
the presence of scars and minor defects.

All questions you will be happy to answer a highly qualified specialist, doctor of the highest category, a certified cosmetologist Gorchilina Tatiana Ivanovna.

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Врач косметолог Горчилина Татьяна Ивановна

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