We invite you to a trip to Norway: motor rally, yachting, diving.


Maryna Bragina in anticipation.

Good morning to all dreamers, adventure seekers, active driving people, as well as all sympathizers and empathizers of our bright stories! 😊

Before the start of the Travel to Norway it remains a little over a month. The motor rally-reconnaissance and two week yacht trips are fully prepared. For the final chord – kru-list design – one person doesn’t get to the yacht crew on August 17-24, 19 and August 24-31, 19. Surprisingly, such a story is repeated from the march! It seems to me that in this way the providence gives someone his unique chance … Catch it !!! 🔥🔥🔥

Details: our Yacht – Elan, 40 feet, year of manufacture 2019. The newest, neat and even spacious (by the standards of the yacht, of course)

All yachts in Norway are small, so it is easy to go into the most secluded corners of the fjords. On board will be only 6 guests plus the captain (Sergіy Kostritsya)

In Norway, incredible nature, but quite expensive and cold. The fishing is excellent, free, you can fish everywhere, the tackle in the yacht kit is attached) The team of captains Go See Travel travels from Ukraine by car, so we will bring some of the basic products with us. We hope this will minimize the cost of food. A fish diet is a plus rather than a minus, right?

About the weather. On the shore, plus 20-24, but we are planning interesting tracking. Not complicated, not high, but time-consuming – that is, rather a matter of endurance … All the coolest types are revealed to those who are ready to go)) When climbing a hill, the temperature drops by 5-7 degrees, sometimes there is a sharp change in the weather, there are intermittent rain, i.e., trekking shoes, fleece and waterproof windbreaker. And a small backpack for water, sandwiches and photographic equipment.

The winds blow in the fjords. For yachting – great, but for those who are on the yacht – it’s cold) We need warm clothes. Special warm and waterproof yacht clothing – expensive pleasure. A ski suit will do. But if there is nothing of your own – no problem, renting a full warm yacht set for a week costs 70 euros … The rental point is right in our Marina, the choice is great, the quality of the clothes we offer is excellent.

Our format is as usual “for friends”, that is, we simply divide all expenses for the yacht part into all participants of the Trip. The yacht part is all the costs associated with renting the Yacht, its insurance, deposit and additional options such as gas cylinders, outboard engine, final cleaning and so on.

Start and finish Travel – in the fabulous Bergen. The city is just incredible! There it would be necessary to spend a day or two before or after sailing)

Before the first and after the second yachting (08/15/19 and 09/01/19, respectively), we climb the Troll Language. We deliberately carried the Troll language out of the yacht part, so as not to spend the whole yacht day and not only have the opportunity to go there for half an hour, but to spend the night in an amazing place in tents, watch the sunset and sunrise without crowds of tourists. Tents already packed))

Prekistullen and stone-pea – try to climb / look at the yacht week.

The journey is not relaxing, but the northern nature is incredible! Fascinating and the difficulties fade into the background. I think it will be an absolute bomb!

Who dreamed, who is ready – write, call +380672530319 (Maryna Bragina)
I will be glad to answer all the questions)

Cooked with love! ❤️
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