Cedar Phytochemicals

Cedar Phytochemicals

Single visit to the phyto bar: 20 min
Season ticket for 10 procedures in phyto bar 200 min
One-time visit to the phyto barrel with wiping herbs ** 30 min
Full body peeling for a choice of 20 min
Oiling the whole body for 20 minutes
Season ticket for 10 procedures in a phyto bar with whole body oiling 50 min.
* The steaming procedure includes a visit to the phyto bar, phytospora, shower, herbal tea
** Each third service visit phyto bar: with wiping herbs as a gift

“Pearl of the Spa” – we invite you to the procedure of steaming in the cedar phyto barrel with the collection of herbs.

PHYTOPHOK gives the following results:
• removal of chronic fatigue,
• relaxation of muscles,
• opening of pores and saturation with biologically active substances,
• improvement of blood flow, normalization of metabolism,
• excess weight (in combination with other procedures) will go away, skin condition will improve,
• passive training of the cardiovascular system,
• elimination of venous congestion,
• prevention and treatment of ARI,
• treatment and rehabilitation of the joint and ligament system, reduction of joint pain,
• the body is saturated with phytoncides of cedar and biologically active substances of herbs,
• the activity of the thyroid, sex glands, and also the adrenal glands is normalized.
After the procedure:
• Relax for 10-15 minutes
• Drink water or tea
• Take a warm shower (if necessary).
It is not recommended to take a shower immediately after the procedure, give useful substances at least 10-15 minutes to soak into the skin. Ideally, wipe with herbs and do not take a shower in the next hour. Then the action of phytoncides, organic acids and tannins, which are contained in the herbs will have the maximum impact on your body.
It will also be very useful to do a massage to support muscles in tonus and to consolidate the therapeutic effect.

The recommended course of procedures in the CEDAR FITNESS is 10-12 procedures, 1-2 times a week, repeat 1 time per quarter or year-round 1 – 2 times a week.

PEELING OF THE WHOLE BODY is exfoliation of the body, which softens and moisturizes the skin. Thanks to this procedure, the skin is released from the upper stratum corneum, giving way to young cells to climb out.
The heating in the phyto-tea will significantly improve the quality of the body peeling and the expected results.
BODY PROMASLIVANIE – special oil massage surprisingly affects the skin, making it soft, supple, radiant.
It is especially useful to do such a massage in the cold season. In winter it is better to use almond or sesame oil, in summer – coconut oil.
Oils by fat content can be divided into three groups:
– Dry, light (coconut, grape seed oil, etc.)
– Medium fat content (almond, avocado, etc.)
– Fat (Castor, shea butter, etc.)
What is suitable for you is prompted by the master.
The heating in the phytobox will greatly improve the depth of penetration of oil into the deep layers of the skin, which will strengthen the effect and prolong its effect.