Doctor obstetrician-gynecologist Marina Bragina. Dnipro (Dnepropetrovsk), Ukraine

ABOUT FAVORITE WORK) So, I conduct receptions. I accept more and more often than in the last six months. It’s clear – quarantine has confused all plans, travel is in question, and I have the opportunity to devote more time to you girls!

I got FOP, a license, and rented an excellent office in a cool modern clinic in the very center of the city. Everything is exceptionally clean, tidy, impeccably adhered to sanitary standards, including subtleties associated with COVID. Many excellent specialists are welcome here. The clinic performs cutting-edge research and procedures, including the treatment of urinary incontinence using the Photon apparatus. It is nice to come here both to you and to me.
#MEDICUM, THANKS for the level!

Nearby there are many places to park the car, but do not forget to pay for parking immediately! Fine in the center of the city is godless, checked for yourself)

The entry on Helsi’s website is IMPOSSIBLE because I no longer work in a government agency. Book in the old fashioned way – by calling +380672530319. Immediately viber, telegram, what’s app. It is possible through the messenger. How convenient is it for you personally)

TWO FORMATS “live” in parallel:
1.Fashionable and convenient in modern conditions ONLINE consultations;

I try to conduct online consultations daily. It is advisable to sign up for scheduled ones on Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Tuesday, Thursday, and often Saturday are busy working in the office, there are a lot of them, and accordingly, the time for online communication is very limited. These days I answer only in acute situations!

All types of consultations are PAID, but you know my loyalty, and no one will definitely be left behind because of the financial side of the issue. This is exactly what rent is needed for, not full-time work in a clinic with a fixed pricing.

I find it difficult and do not want to control the payment of online consultations, so I will be grateful for your self-discipline and responsibility in this matter) Forgot – not a problem. Remember – do it for sure. Plus in karma and mine are guaranteed)

About how to choose the format of consultations that is best for you

I will be glad to meet or hear you)

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