Nail service for women
Manicure edging
Manicure combined
Manicure hardware
Pedicure trimmed
Pedicure combined
Pedicure hardware
Pedicure Acid
Coating with gel-varnish
Coating with gel-varnish french
Nail coating with conventional varnish
Removal of gel-varnish
Nail extensions gel / acrylic
Extension of nails french
Removal of nails
Strengthening with bio-gel + gel-varnish
Correction of nails gel / acrylic
Correction of nails french

Nail design:
cat’s eye, thermo-gel
sliding, stamping (1 nail)
decor with rhinestones (1pc)
Painting (1 nail)
Paraffinotherapy for hands
Paraffinotherapy for feet

* When ordering manicure and pedicure services – varnishing as a gift
** When ordering manicure and pedicure services with gel-varnish coating – 10% discount
*** When ordering manicure services with paraffin therapy – 5% discount
**** When ordering pedicure services with paraffin therapy – 5% discount
***** At the second visit, the removal of lacquer and gel lacquer as a gift
****** With every fifth service of nail service, the design of two nails (sliding, stamping) as a gift

MANICURE and PEDICURE – this is one of the most important components of the image of modern man.
Now there is a huge variety of nail service techniques for the care of hands and feet. You can safely say that the nail service is a whole art and science of beauty.
The salon procedure of manicure and pedicure will provide you not only a lasting and perfect result, but also a pleasant feeling of care for every your nails.
The most optimal solution for the restoration of dry, cracked or flaky skin, as well as excellent care for nails and dry cuticle is the procedure of PARAFINOTHERAPY. This is not a new and long-beloved procedure that gives amazing results!
The procedure helps to eliminate skin peeling, heals microcracks, and sometimes prevents deformation of bone tissue. PARAFINOTHERAPY for the hands is recommended to be done once in 3-4 weeks.
The presented method is quite safe, but contra-indications of paraffin therapy still take place. Do not perform procedures for atherosclerosis, angina pectoris, chronic glomerulonephritis, liver cirrhosis, ovarian cyst, thyrotoxicosis, infectious diseases, pregnancy (its second half), lactation. Thanks to modern achievements and innovations, for people suffering from varicose veins, an alternative method was invented – COLD PARAFFINOTHERAPY. The method is quite convenient to use and can be used together with other cosmetic procedures.

Nail service for men
Manicure combined
Pedicure combined
Pedicure Acid

* when ordering a manicure and pedicure, an acid pedicure as a gift (instead of a combined pedicure)

Manicured man’s hands – this is also an indispensable component of the appearance, as well as a good hairstyle. Absence of burrs, properly trimmed and shaped nails, well-groomed skin of hands are signs not only of elementary cleanliness, but also of the financial well-being of its owner.