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Travelers note! 🙃
How many types of edible rappans do you know? Here we have a week in Greece did not pass without new experience)) We share knowledge and emotions! The smallest were the smallest – those in the first photo. Yes, yes, eat raw, with lemon juice. Pure protein guys! And it just tastes sweet) Well, and oysters … There were oysters, of course – they are for appetizer. Gaining new experience in a good company is fun! Join)

We go to Greece on yachts and boats in May 2020.
Dates: May 2-9, May 9-16, May 16-23.
And you know … on May 16-23 all the places have already taken) 👍 Not a joke! Yesterday, our lucky Andrei Pronenko took the final place … 🔥🥂
So do not hesitate too long, write, call, book your seats now.
Have a nice day, everyone! ❤️

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