Exercise to restore neuromuscular regulation through restoration of the functions of the shoulder girdle, cervicothoracic junction, and emphasis on the thoracic spine | Alexey Vedernikov

Dear friends!!! You will see in this video exercises to restore neuromuscular regulation through the restoration of the functions of the shoulder girdle, the neck-thoracic junction, and emphasis is placed on the thoracic spine. In this set of exercises, the continuity of the exercises following one after another at a very slow pace and in combination with slow breaths with slow exhalations and breath holdings (!!!) in those episodes where this is most important is important. In the part of the complex where we use the dynamic rotation of the spine around the vertical axis, we move to a relaxed and relaxed self-massage of the body with a light plop. This is also a very important element, giving tone, free from adhesions and spasms, including the restoration of the functions of the muscular system and the abdominal internal organs. Let me remind you once again that this video is not educational, there are many important nuances that are transmitted during the training on an individual basis. This is due to the personal problemma of each patient and may change from case to case !!! In short: I don’t have any secrets, but have a clear understanding of long-term experience, the method that is suitable for one patient and has a positive effect on it, may be useless for another patient, and for a third patient can be harmful. These nuances are necessary to understand and have special knowledge and skills !!! Be careful when learning any exercises through the video. You do not see yourself from the outside and you can not control the correctness of the execution, which means you can harm yourself !!!

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