What is the difference between a catamaran and a yacht?

What is the difference between a catamaran and a yacht?

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1. First, it is more. It’s like two yachts connected together. Only a yacht can accommodate up to 10 people, and on a catamaran (remember, there are 2 yachts !!!) – only 8. That means there is much more space and space. The cabins are large in size, each bathroom has its own bathroom, and it is also more spacious than on the yacht. Automatically, more space at the dining table and in the cabin and aft. In general, at the table you can not only sit, but also lie comfortably)
2. A catamaran is heavier than a yacht. It is more stable, it shakes less, the catamaran has two engines – if desired, it can go very quickly … on the engine … such a mobile comfortable home (sometimes a palace).
3. On sails: on the catamaran they are big and beautiful, of course) Under sails are two large nets, on which it is convenient to sunbathe, lie about with a book or consider beautiful landscapes passing by … the catamaran photos unequivocally tear off all the husky and cause envy of others) But the heavier the ship – the more difficult it is to disperse it with a sail. It is unlikely that the catamaran will chase yachts under sail … He does not need it – he is a symbol of success in himself and an absolute handsome man. Thus, if you are behind the drive – you are on a yacht, if for a luxurious sea rest under sail – you are on a catamaran. But on the engine … catamaran easily leave the yacht behind! Also, as BMW will avoid cars on the road) Personally for me: in a hike on a catamaran on the engine – noisy … on sails – I want faster … But as you know, this is very very subjective)
4. The yacht has a long keel, hidden under water. It ensures the stability of the yacht on the water and does not give it the opportunity to roll over (the main fear of beginners!). But the long keel prevents the yacht from approaching the shore. Therefore, yachts stop for overnight in specially equipped places – in Marinas, and not on the beach). If we saw a beautiful shore from the yacht and wanted to stop to see this place – the yacht casts the anchor and stops at sea at a depth, and the crew arrives ashore on a small rubber boat (our favorite “Tuzik”). On the “tuzik” you can go to explore grottos, sea caves, etc. If the “tuzik” is not on the water – it is always occupied by those wishing to lie on a soft surface)
The catamaran has such a long underwater piece, so the catamaran can approach almost to the shore itself. The catamaran does not roll over, because it is wide and heavy. “Tuzik” on the catamaran, too, is, but it is often intelligently called Dinge. And lying on it there is no need, because on the catamaran there are an endless number of specially equipped soft lying places …
5. The safety of the yacht and the catamaran is approximately the same, in this issue the main thing is to perform the commands of the captain accurately and quickly. If the captain said: “put on life jackets!” – it means they need to be worn without additional questions and right now! If he said: “all go to starboard!” – means to go right now! When the captain has time, he will necessarily tell everyone why we put on life jackets in sunny and calm weather))) But since there are fewer people on the catamaran, and more places – the probability of colliding with someone or someone hitting the elbow is minimal.
6. The price of the issue. For the luxury you have to pay, of course. Traveling on a catamaran costs about 50% more expensive than on a yacht. The ship’s box office will also cost more, because there are two engines on the catamaran – which means that the fuel consumption is twice as much as on a yacht. The catamaran takes two places in the parking lot, respectively, the fee for parking the catamaran in the Marina above.
7. Children, especially small children, are more comfortable on the catamaran. Throughout the perimeter of the catamaran is covered with a special catching net (extra paid, of course), which makes it difficult for the child to fall overboard. And still, in this issue, we will focus on the word “hampers”))) For children, as for us all, nothing is impossible … 🙃

Below – a catamaran, models and sizes can be different.
In the Italian journey we took the Lagoon-380. It is relatively small, but very very stylish and cozy))

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