How the cruise yacht works


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Notes for beginning yachtsmen)

The first question that is usually asked is – how is everything arranged there? How do 10 people visit one boat? What about the conveniences? I’ll talk about a more or less standard yacht, which is usually leased.
So, the yacht is our beautiful stylish house for the time of travel. Accordingly, there is everything you need:
1. Five bedrooms (4 with one double bed and 1 with a bunk bed)
2. Bathrooms (toilet, shower, washbasin) can be 3 or 4. Typically, in each cabin with a double bed has its own bathroom. Sometimes one bathroom is for two adjacent cabins. In one of the bathrooms there is an entrance from the salon. This bathroom uses a cabin with a bunk bed. The distance from this cabin to the bathroom is 1 meter)
3. The main room is the salon (the wardroom). Here is a kitchen-it’s a galley (we’re getting used to yacht terms!) The galley has a stove, an oven, a sink, a refrigerator, a freezer, cabinets for food and dishes, a large table and sofas around the table. The whole team (10 people) can simultaneously sit comfortably on these sofas and have breakfast, discuss important issues, arrange a game or a cocktail show in the evening … You can also get away from snoring neighbor for spending the night) As a rule, in the cabin spend time only in uncomfortable weather.
4. Most of the time the team is on the deck – in the open space, in the air. There is also a large folding table, two large sofas, and a huge number of other comfortable seating and lying places, including a soft rubber “Tuzik” (the so-called small rubber boat). On the Tuzik you can have a good night’s sleep or sunbathe. Convenient at the same time 2-3 people, but sometimes much more)))
5. The yacht has a narrow nose (it is possible to depict scenes from the Titanic, or to sit in a romantic sailing) and wide (forage). In the stern there are steering wheels (usually 2), a dashboard, a navigation screen and a Relax zone (a folding dining table and two large sofas). When the sun is too bright and in case of rain, a canopy is raised above the stern. On the nose is always sunny, the shadow creates only a sail. If desired, you can sleep on the air – the sofas are comfortable enough, but narrow. 1 sofa for one person. If you think about spending the night in the fresh air – you must take a sleeping bag with you.
Of course, there are smaller yachts – for 1,2,3 or 4 cabins. Accordingly, they will take on board a smaller number of people. But the rental price is approximately the same, so everyone is trying to take 8-10 local yachts.
Below is an illustration)

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