Journey on a yacht in September 2018

Journey on a yacht in September 2018

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Journey on a yacht in September 2018


Teams are found in the city of Palermo, Sicily, Italy. The captains in the marines take the Yachts. Who flew in advance or in the morning – strolls through the historic city, spends time on the beach or in cafes. Who arrives in the afternoon – you can immediately go to the site of our yacht parking.

After lunch, we settle on Yachts. Each of our yachts has 4 or 5 cabins. Each cabin will have 2 people. One of the cabins (most convenient for control of the yacht at night) is the captain. The rest of the cabins are usually played out – to whom it will fall) In principle, they are equivalent, but differ slightly in design (somewhere more lockers in the wall – somewhere in the floor, some closer to the stern, some – to the nose, where some windows in the ceiling – somewhere on the side wall, etc.). But all this is not at all important, because in the cabin we just sleep and store our things. The main part of our yacht life is on the deck and in the wardroom.

We are going to the wardroom to discuss who loves eating / drinking, who knows what and who likes to cook, we compose a list of necessary products-drinks-household trifles, we drop 100 euros per person for these purposes (the captain is exempted from the food tax) and set off in the supermarket for shopping. In the evening we prepare a festive dinner together, we set the table, uncork the champagne and get acquainted closer) If there is time – we will hold the Yachting briefing, if not – we will do this in the morning before going out to sea.

DAY TWO, 16.09.18, SUNDAY

In the morning we raise sails and take a course on the picturesque island of Salino. It will be a long sea trip – 7, and maybe 8 hours … In yachting trips it all depends on the wind. If he is passing – we will come quickly. But if the wind prevents us – the sea crossing may be longer) But no one will be bored! During the first crossing, we master the yacht, we learn what is what: the sheets, mooring lines, ducks, fenders, mainsail, staysail, cockpit, leftist, witches and so on. On the way we stop for a swim in the open sea with a view of the volcano. We get acquainted with each other more closely, we communicate, we prepare dinner directly in the sea and we learn that the plate on the Yacht in any rocky keeps a horizontal position! Well, movable on the Yacht plate, imagine? So we get used to the sea and yachting life, and closer to the evening – we moor in the marina of the island of Salino.

We inspect a picturesque island, we walk along narrow streets, we enjoy aromas of the sea and flowers, we have supper, and if forces remain – we will play our first quest here) Or we’ll go to the disco. Or we can sit comfortably on our yacht. Or we go to visit pirates on the next yacht … as we wish!
All Yachting trips are very flexible, much depends on the weather, the state of health and the mood of the team. We spend the night on the wonderful island of Salino)

DAY THREE, September 17, 18, MONDAY

In the morning the team gets enough sleep, and the captains are puzzled by the weather forecast for Stromboli. If fortune is on our side – we go to sea and take a course on one of the most spectacular active volcanoes! In fact, the entire island of Stromboli is a volcano. Every evening he is lit by firework. Sometimes this firework is very powerful, like a real fire fountain, and sometimes you can see only a scattering of sparks and a red glow above the mountain … You can observe this unique natural phenomenon on the Yacht’s side, or you can climb the volcano and find yourself at the Epicenter of events! Climbing Stromboli begins at 6.00 pm, to enjoy a spectacular spectacle already against the background of the night sky and get incredible beauty shots. Climbing uphill is simple, accessible to any person, but takes about three hours. We will reach the top of the volcano after sunset. To climb the volcano will need special protective clothing, headlamps, helmets, trekking boots and sticks. All this uniform of the right size can be rented at the foot of the volcano. We will look like true miners, but believe me – it’s very fun and drive!

And after descending from the volcano in the dead of night, we will get to our yachts on small rubber boats (on tuzikah). And our yachts will only light candles, stars and the glow of an erupting volcano …. It’s time to plunge into a spiritualistic session! This quiet home quest will lead us to completely unexpected discoveries …. Where is our rum, friends? Without it, everything is sooooo obscure ….))

Attention! In bad weather or with a very powerful eruption, climbing the volcano is strictly prohibited! Therefore, our route is built in such a way that in case of bad weather on Stromboli we had the opportunity to return here the next day or every other day. Thus, the program of the third day can be changed. But we’re going to find adventures, right? And this is just a possible surprise))


Miscellaneous DAY FOUR, 09/18/18, TUESDAY

We are anchored very very early and go to meet the sun. Yes, it will be a dawn meeting on the high seas! We can stop for a bath in the sea right now, but we can just admire the first morning rays …. And you can dream, sitting but the nose of a snow-white beauty Yacht in an embrace with a loved one …. Or to depict scenes from the Titanic … And who it will necessarily catch all these pleasant moments in the camera lens and later please us with unique frames)

Today we are waiting for Lipari – the capital of the Aeolian (ancient name!) Islands. An ancient city paved with centuries-old stone blocks. Fortress, covered with legends. Numerous churches and ruins of old buildings …. Time to touch History! And unravel all the secrets of this city during our next quest)

And then find the most cozy restaurant, choose the most amazing sea reptiles for dinner, dance directly on the road to the street orchestra, and if lucky enough – get on the traditional September wine festival and even free to taste the most delicious Malvasia from numerous local producers)


From the historic Lipari we go to the island of dormant volcanoes. Between the islands of Lipari and Vulcano in the sea is a beautiful rock massif. Go on yachts between rocks, swim in a tuzik in amazing grottoes, swim through a crevice in the rock …. We are waiting for a day of amazing sea adventures! A real pirate romance! This was not the foot of the land tourist. These places are for us only – fans of wind, sails, unique landscapes and crystal clear sea waters). Lunch at sea.

The duration of the transition from the island of Lipari to the rock massif is about 2 hours. From the rock massif to the island of Vulcano there are still a couple of hours under sails. In the evening we moor at Vulcano Island Marina.

The first thing that we will meet on the island of Vulcano is the sea, from which the keys of hot volcanic water are struck! And volcanic lakes that swirl like a jacuzzi. The smell is, of course, specific, but around the sea! Let’s wash)) And while we are not hungry in these hot swamps, we represent happy behemoths and try not to catch the streams of boiling water, escaping from the earth. We laugh a lot. We’re having supper. We spend the night on the Yacht.

DAY SIX, September 20, 18, THURSDAY

It will be the only morning we do not go out to sea. Today we are going to explore the island of Vulcano. Retro car? Cabriolet? A quadrocycle? Moped? There is a rich choice of cheap equipment, and it will definitely come in handy! Quest adventure will force us to glance into all the most remote corners of this unusual island before we can find an abandoned lighthouse …. Until the sun does not bake too zealously, it makes sense to climb to the top of a dormant volcano, go around it on the perimeter to see all the islands at once The Lipar archipelago. It is difficult to find a more beautiful observation deck in the world! The bravest can descend into the crater of the volcano on warm stones and feel under the feet the “breath” of the earth …

After such exciting adventures to lie on the beach and end the day with a pirate party with the summing up of our quests – it’s the most! Another night on Vulcano.

DAY SEVENTH, September 21, 188, FRIDAY

Early in the morning we leave the beloved Vulcano (here at the request of the team we can repeat the trick with meeting dawn in the open sea), deploy all sails, and like experienced pirates we make a steep 7-8 hour walk. This is the day of real seiling! All have long been accustomed to the Yacht, the captain has at least a few reliable assistants, the team is sunburnt, tightened, with eyes burning with excess emotions, well-coordinated, everyone knows exactly what and when to do to overtake competitors in the sea)) Racing! Wind! Drive! The best Yacht photos will be made on this day! But you can stop for a swim, of course. And you can swim for a yacht on a sheet. And also our Yachts often accompany the dolphins …. They also participate in the races) And they surpass the Yachts! Verified))

Today we have a clearly marked goal – by 18.00 all Yachts should return to the Marina of the city of Palermo … It is there that we gather for a general dinner in one of the innumerable restaurants overlooking the sea and sleeping Yachts …. As a rule, in teams are wonderful girls who can create a birthday cake right during the yachting races of the closing day … And then everyone walks around the night city for a long time, remember the most beautiful moments of travel, exchange phones, plan new incredible adventures …



Wake up, prepare a rich breakfast of uneaten provisions. What’s left for sandwiches on the road.) We have breakfast. My dishes. We collect things. We find many lost things. We laugh, because we needed these things much earlier. Solemnly lower the flags. Say goodbye to the yacht and friends. Long embrace! This is necessary)) For a long time we do not want to go ashore, but we must, we must … Someone is waiting for the plane, someone is continuing the adventure …

Yachting has one specific property – they can get sick) Seriously and for a long time … Thus, on the eighth day of yachting, thoughts of new sailing trips are usually born … And there is no reason to deny yourself such pleasure))

Prepared with Love❤️
For yourself and your friends)

Details in personal with organizers: Maryna Bragina

The captains: Sergiy Kostritsa, Alexei Morozov, Dmitriy Semyanniy

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