How we spend time on the yacht

How we spend time on the yacht

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How we spend time on the yacht

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Another yacht note)

So, the morning, the Yacht wakes up … The exact time is determined only for the captain and one or two of his assistants. If you want to lie in bed longer – no problem, if you want to drink coffee on the waterfront, go for a walk on the island, arrange a morning sea swim – please! If there is a desire to drive for fragrant freshly baked croissants for the whole team – wonderful! If you want to participate in yachting work, learn how to moor the boat, prepare it for going out to the sea – welcome closer to the captain)) Covered a light breakfast – counted people on the Yacht (well, to forget nobody on the island 😄) – gave the mooring lines, and – hurray !!! We’re at sea!

We spend several hours at sea. On the Yacht everyone will find something pleasant for themselves. You can actively participate in the management process: standing at the helm, lifting sails, changing tack, knitting fenders, giving mooring lines – we will easily and with pleasure teach all those who wish) That is, you can secure yourself new knowledge, skills and active movement in the process sea ​​crossing. Naturally, this is not necessary! You can sunbathe, read, chat with new friends, take pictures of incredible beauty landscapes (the route is always chosen in very beautiful places!) Or friends for yachting work)) You can also sleep, but it’s better not to do it in a cabin, in the open air, conveniently settled on a soft “tuzik”, for example. Sometimes along the way we stop in incredible bays, where never “land” tourists will go to swim in crystal clear water, or to have a lunch in an unusual place, or to inspect the grotto in the rock … And if we are lucky – we will really compete in the speed with flocks of dolphins! And with neighboring yachts, too, we can compete in something 🙂

If everyone is happy during the sea crossing, we can sail around the islands in circles. If the team is tired or in plans to visit some interesting object on the shore – we shorten the sea crossing to a minimum and moor in the Marina for lunch.

Every day we stop in some new and necessarily something interesting place. This may be a new island, and just a new town on the island, which we are now exploring. Each place where the Yacht’s stop is planned is something unique – a temple, a museum, a volcano, a beautiful city, an unusual forest, a colorful village … Every day we have the opportunity to wander on foot, or rent a large, moped, quad, … All this on the islands is ridiculous money, and pleasure and drive gives a million! So, do not forget the house right! On the islands, any, even the oldest ones will do)

No, of course we do not go! Who wants to – remains on the Yacht, who wants to – sits in a restaurant, who wants – with a fishing rod, or on the beach, or goes on a romantic walk together … any options according to your desire! The description of the excursion route on each island lies to itself in the wardroom – anyone can study it and go on an independent journey. Who is afraid or for other reasons wants to be in the team – please go / we go to explore the island together … Here’s how it all happens)

We spend the night on the Yacht. At night, the Yacht is moored to the shore, and if you want to take a night out on the island or break away at a local disco – anything is possible! Return to the yacht at any time you want / can. Well, the only request at 4 am to go to your cabin quietly, like mice, not all are planning to shower this early, right? The main rule is to be on board until our morning departure to the sea)

And sometimes we arrange an absolute Yacht romantic: an overnight stay in the sea at anchor, for example … Or we leave to the sea very, very early to meet the dawn … Here you can create)

I’m even smiling at this format! And you?

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