Yachting and tourism, Logbook of the catamaran “Lea-Lea” DAYS FIFTH, SIXTH (November 30 – December 1-2, 2019)

Catamaran logbook “Lea-Lea”
(November 30 – December 1-2, 2019)

Marina Lefkada, Lefkada

It’s obviously not winter)) It’s warm and sunny! Water 24 degrees! Kat is still under repair😢 … This day gave us several discoveries:

1. Why we did not consider yachting at this time? You can easily! Comfortable and budget)
2. The teams in our May flotilla are already almost completely recruited! And many write and call about yachting in May … Therefore, tomorrow we will choose another catamaran and another yacht here. That was apparently the plan of the higher powers))) So who delayed the decision on a yacht trip in May – welcome! 16 new places! We are waiting for the teams)
3. We have an economical team! Sometimes Museum Fort Tickets are free)) And today they are in our hands! In general, ancient forts, fortresses and … Greek cats 😂 are good at any time of the year)
4. To slip and swim unplanned in a waterfall is not critical, but in some aspects it’s even nice)
5. Outside the city there are many, many wildly growing lemon, orange and pomegranate trees) And no one forbids to harvest! We have successfully dealt with this!
And sunset as usual is good … 👍😊⛵️

Photo Maryna Bragina
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Продолжение следует)
До завтра, друзья! 😉

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