Travel Memories: Africa. Namibia. January 2018. We invite you to new trips!

Maryna Bragina сейчас воодушевлена с Ольгой Жовнир-Табалой и ещё 14.
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Africa. Namibia. January 2018

For one of the nights, we decided to stay at the campsite in the savannah. We knew – here you can see a lot of wild cheetahs … But we did not know the prehistory)

The owner of the camp is European Nick. An amazing man who hunted cheetahs for more than 20 years, but then radically changed his views, bought part of the land in the African shroud and set about restoring the predator population. Twice a week he goes on his truck to the savannah to distribute wards – meat. More precisely, a lot of fresh meat! And the bravest of tourists can go with him and see the ritual with their own eyes … I hope you have no doubt that the Go See Travel team is never bolder) We went!

And really – wild cheetahs literally surrounded our open truck … Was it scary? Well, yes, when you see a wild predator at arm’s length, the feeling is not pleasant … And at night at this campsite (sorry for the details) no one went to the toilet … An accident? 🙃😂

And on the owner’s personal ranch next to his small children live manual cheetahs – those whom the owner came out after serious injuries and illnesses … And to communicate with them is more like a pleasure! But it turns out you can’t stroke predators! They are not “no cats”! And when the manual cheetah decides to lick you – you know exactly how hard it is for its victim)) The cheetah’s tongue is hard and rough as a rough sandpaper … But some participants of our expedition cheetah licked from head to toe! But be sure – no one was offended)

Nick, you’re cool !!! In all senses! We’re going to your ranch in January 2020!

Who is with us? We’ll pick up a couple of people in one of the jeeps! The start of the expedition in jeeps in Namibia on January 2.

Photo Maryna Bragina
Namibia, January 2018, 2019

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