Why women are fools or about the nature of demons

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The author is Dmitry Gorchilin, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.


Preface: people do not always understand the meaning of the word “demon” or “demon”. For me personally, for a long time it was associated with something horned-tailed-abstract. And, in general, literary-folklore.

Some change happened quite by accident. I had a friend who honestly earned the nickname “Light of Catastrophe”; some incredible events constantly happened to her. Sveta was an interesting person, and she also attended some kind of religious school (as I understood it, non-canonical). Once she let slip, they say, she will have a test on demonic studies.

I have such a bad habit, when confronted with incomprehensible phenomena, to study several sources and, on logical contradictions between them, it is nezlobno to play a trick. I decided to read what a “demon” or “demon”. The result just shook me.

A demon is just an idea that seizes man. Subroutine The demon has several obvious signs – it is a very powerful creature that can completely subjugate a person, crush his interests in order to achieve his goals. In spite of all its might, this creature has a very limited intellectual potential, which makes it possible to effectively deal with it. A person under the influence of a demon is easily recognized, he has a low observable intellectual level, acts objectively irrationally, his activity is directed towards achieving a certain goal, objectively not very necessary for him.

It was at that moment that I became scared and I saw such people in a multitude. Such a person is a traditional adept of a certain sect, a participant in the revolution, this is a typical character of a family scandal. Have you seen women hurt, breaking dishes? Did you see people who, at the Soviet Union, saved up for a car for many years, and after the purchase they understood that they had nowhere to go? Have you seen those who bought an iPhone in fierce loans? Did you see those who first aggressively participated in the revolutions, and after the victory of their leaders, when the situation deteriorated sharply, they could not understand what it found on them?

Demons, demons are woven into our lives, surround us, but people often do not see them. No, there are some observations. The church has a wealth of experience in driving out demons, psychiatrists, law enforcement officers, they somehow encounter, although they call this phenomenon differently.

Further in the article there was a description of some magicians who in some virtual universes raise demons and release them into our world for their own purposes, this is too much. Maybe fiction, maybe black magic. Although, in the past few years, some destructive ideas have actively spread, multiplied in many people around me. These ideas have brought harm to both the people themselves and the environment around them, however, people are extremely active and aggressive, contrary to their own interests, committed destructive acts, considered abomination goodness. Maybe the truth in the course of what ritual Che was released, go and know.

And now, from a materialistic point of view, with the eyes of a techie, why were demons needed? Who and why makes a person act to his own detriment, to cause suffering to himself and those around him? If it were not necessary, in our rational world it would not exist, it is. What for? Maybe someone really for the sins of Olympus put up?

I can offer such an interpretation; a certain technical system works here, it is controlled by a central computer. He is complex, has access to serious resources. But if we need some quick and effective solution, it can be taken without the participation of a central computer. Roughly speaking, there are such device-controllers. A simple board, a primitive microcircuit, a short situational response program. If sensor A showed an increase in temperature, turn on pump B. Sometimes it takes a critical decision in a short time, while it is time that is critical. The man stumbled, suddenly saw the danger, got burned with a hot frying pan. Need a very FAST reaction. It can be performed on the main computer, but as simplified as possible, and therefore to the FAST algorithm. This solution may not be optimal, but any delay depreciates additional complexity. What is the use of choosing the most suitable place to go, when you ALREADY stumbled, ALREADY fell, ALREADY hurt your face? Put your foot anywhere and how quickly – but QUICKLY! Then you can think and rearrange it in the best way.

This is the “demon”, “demon”. It can be called “work on controllers” or “microservices on virtual machines”. Bes is a short and fast algorithm of actions in a critical situation. The reason for the activation is stress. By default, the power, the subordination of a person completely and a low intellectual level are assumed – there is no time to think! “Demons” – sets of short algorithms for action in critical situations.

Sometimes a person limits his intellectual abilities. The cause may be extreme fatigue, alcohol, medical anesthesia, etc. At the same time, complex programs on degraded computing resources simply cannot be executed; everything again boils down to simple and short scripts. Bay in the snout! Grab the knife! Laugh at silly jokes!

“Bes” – the most important evolutionary mechanism, who had no demons, did not pass those natural selection, those wolves devoured. Only this mechanism for some reason, the tune start to stray.

The nature of demons also has its own characteristics for men and women. Historically, men were hunters and warriors, their demons are a way to survive by aggressive or defensive action. Nowadays, this character-peasant got drunk, grabbed a cudgel, ran around the yard after passersby. Interconnected and turned on, the historically proven algorithm of actions in a critical situation. That is, the nature of the actions assumed interspecific competition.

For women, historically, this man is responsible for the house. While the man in the fields with a cudgel jumps, she is forced to run a household and compete with other members of the community for the same resources. But to compete in another plan, someone is trying to take a piece of food from her child. In the pack, in the community you need to pick up, squeeze a piece of food or there is the best skin. Need a powerful aggression in the local social environment. This is intraspecific competition. There is no need to wave a cudgel, here comes another competition, up to and including social terror. This determines the behavior of a woman; she actively goes to a social conflict; for her, this is a comfortable state in which she is better, more effective than a man.

A typical ideal leader in the army or in production is the owner of a unique set of demons, both “male” and “female”, who can fill their faces and socially subordinate to zakoshmat. That is why women “bitches” are effective leaders, they are predisposed to this. Are they effective?


Short programs, scripts, “demons” faithfully served people for many generations. But for some reason they began to fight back, to bring harm. It is impossible to get rid of them, is it possible to reduce, localize the damage? Often, yes. For this you need an understanding of the nature of their actions.

WHEN does this short program, script or “demon” work? As an analogy, you can bring reactive programming. This phrase has nothing to do with shining heights and snow-white liners – we are talking about the programming paradigm. Roughly speaking, the program does not work at all. But if some action occurs, the program starts to react. The essence is not important, let the user click the button or knock on the network port. Reaction, activation in response to an event, action. Trigger.

“Bes” is activated in certain conditions, the prerequisites for its manifestation is stress. A car rushes on your way, a bully tries to hit, a cup starts to fall from a sideboard, you need fast, effective actions. They tend to occur. All right, what’s wrong with that?

The bad news is that the world around us predisposes to stress. People live in crowded habitats, it is stressful. A lot of irritants, which the mind was not originally designed for, are stress. There are many reasons, but stress is a demon. Or a short program, microservice, script. Mass false alarms of those mechanisms that should be activated in extreme cases. Moreover, many are in such a state chronically, for years.

What is this bad? First of all, the fact that a person makes extremely irrational decisions. It struck me that some people, whom I had previously considered normal, began to talk in slogans and chants during certain political events. Bes suppressed their thinking, subjugated, forced them to make certain destructive, extremely dangerous actions with maximum effort.

A woman makes a scandal – have you tried to talk with such a woman? She’s stupid, bad to grief! She performs absolutely irrational actions, for some reason she does not explain. He says some crazy things, is excited, makes uncoordinated movements, sometimes the pupils contract. It is useless to argue, the demon subjugated it. Further, broken dishes, divorce, single mother, a sharp limitation of available financial resources, deterioration of the quality of life. Why did you do it? Why did you need this? This is followed by the traditional, “women fools”! Women willingly go to social conflict, they have a set of routines like that. But in the conditions of the surrounding world, this set is activated frequently, with the corresponding external signs, such as social aggressiveness, limited to stupidity, irrationality.

Everyone obviously knows the idea that in a critical situation you can not be nervous. The same dispute to keep calm, why? The first person to turn on the “demon”, roll a conscious hysterical, this person attracts powerful energy to his side. Yes, stress makes it possible to dramatically increase power. But the intellect is extremely limited intellectually, because he who will avoid stress for a longer period of time than his opponent, he will be able to use more intellectual resources. The opponent is prancing in hysterics (yelling, covering with mat, intimidating, showing goat) – this is a demon. He has already switched to a stressful program, in such a state it can be replayed, a person in such a state understands badly. When the bar falls synchronously, there is an escalation of hysteria. Actually, both sides in the same conditions, then who drew more energy, who screams louder. Let’s just say this is the format of communication for the big fan.

And here in short programs such a failure occurs. A working stress program or “demon” is stupid at the normal human level, but it does have some level of intelligence. She understands that stopping stress means deactivating her. Turn it off. Perhaps the evolutionary mechanism works: dodged the wolf, do not relax, look around! Perhaps the program itself appreciates the fact of its work. But- it should be stated: often stress programs are set up to maintain stress or even to escalate the conflict.

There is such a word-possessed. What is the point? This person is controlled by the most simplified programs, he is extremely active, aggressive and intellectually insolvent. Performs a number of actions to the detriment of himself, contrary to his long-term, objective interests. Such a person is a danger to others as well as to himself. Moreover, this person is in such a state for a long time, sometimes constantly, without turning off from the stress mode.

Here it is the madness of our days, running without end, in a circle, to stupor for a chimera, with full tension of all forces, without an objective look at the surrounding reality. Moreover, autogeneration of stress occurs. The person under the management of the stress program realizes that the level of hysteria subsides, the stress goes away and the program now stops its work. And this person CONSCIOUSLY PROVOPS the other person to the conflict. No matter who the husband’s wife is, neighbors of each other, self-sustaining hysteria begins, in which stress programs seek to increase the degree.

Sometimes they say “energetic vampire” about a person – the nature of such vampirism may look different. A program makes efforts to create the conditions of their work. She subdues the person and rides him like a stolen motorcycle.

That’s not all. A man possessed by demons is easy to infect with a new demon, he becomes a toy in the hands of skilled external forces. Artificially limited intelligence is not able to objectively evaluate ideas, their own interests. A clear illustration is political activists. No, some of them act quite logically, using social upheavals as social elevators. Most of them are immune to logic, aggressive to another’s opinion, unintelligible in their means, they approve of the most potent things, including mass murder. Look at the work of the media, often their activities are aimed at increasing the level of stress and imposing new stress programs.

In the city “D” there was one big bank. And suddenly, in the course of some political events, a number of its employees demanded changes in the military-political situation. Let’s just say, an absolutely peaceful country, has no territorial problems, it is necessary to change! The bank is stable, an interesting job, a good salary, an imperfect but stable economy; these people are eager to change such a comfortable situation. At the moment, the country is in a state of sluggish military conflict, territorial disputes, the bank has been nationalized, the entire management of the bank has been dismissed — the leadership that jumped out of its pants, wanting to undermine the foundations of its well-being. People held high positions, controlled huge resources, could realize any ideals, but for some reason realized unreasonable and destructive ones. Yes, and very many bank employees quit, whose employees the bank fed for many years, with which they provided prosperous living conditions. What was it?! Why did you do it? Demons!

There is an expression, “the dream of an idiot.” When a normal person reaches his dream, he is happy. When a person dreams under the influence of the demon, he gives the goal of the demon for his dream. This is the dream of an idiot, reaching such a goal a person at best feels lost. At worst, any scale of grief is possible, even death.

Is everything really bad? Far from it. Understanding and accurate description of the problem is half of its solution. The solution may be to reduce the frequency of activation of short subroutines. To do this, you need to reduce stress levels, or consciously manage this level. That is, try to save your life from all that makes you feel stress. It is clear that there is no getting rid of it completely, there are objectively difficult things, dangers, diseases and tragedies. But all that can be removed from your life, delete without hesitation. Start with the TV and people consciously generating stress. There is no more effective and rewarding means. Conscious management, yes at least sport. Anything, martial arts, volleyball, ping-pong. Short programs need activation, functionality testing, here it is. Have you noticed that athletes are often very conflict-free people?

Religion, long rest in deserted places, lots of methods. Hygiene thoughts – avoid bad thoughts, even if you persistently and consistently impose them. The thought is material, the attic must be protected. And try to avoid the possessed, communication with them is dangerous and contagious.

And yet, the demons are fearful. When you understand WHAT is in front of you, when you see them, when you understand why this is, the interlocutor or the interlocutor of the little eye made it (a) – the demons are blown away. In life, tested and used it repeatedly.

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Have you ever paid attention to the fact that in the pantheon of heroes promoted by Soviet propaganda are completely suicidal? Intelligent commanders and skilled fighters were enough, they were appreciated and rewarded. But for some reason, the odes sang, mostly to those who were breastfeeding on the machine gun, from the last grenade under a tank or on a burning plane into an enemy convoy. It scares, some kind of necromancy! But if you rationally look, a person who is in a state of severe stress, realizing that he is about to die, is looking for at least some options for action. And the options are – prompted by a barrage of propaganda. With a grenade under the tank, breast on the machine gun. But everything is logical, in battle an experienced fighter and so he knows what to do, he will choose reasonable and effective options for action, helping him to destroy enemies without sacrificing his life. A person in a state of panic can do any nonsense. Yes, even run and scream. Or hide in a trench waiting for an enemy tank to handle it properly. Such a course of action will almost certainly end tragically for him. It was in this case that the subprogrammes of actions, suicidal subprograms, were sewn in, realizing that a man perishing caused damage to the enemy. Perhaps these actions of the propaganda machine were explained in some other way, but they were quite reasonable, logical and expedient.


By the way, did you notice that in certain conditions people are consciously introduced into a state of stress? The situation of the detective-caught the villain, beaten and intimidated. What for? All law enforcement officers completely latent sadists? To hear the traditional “AAAA, cops goats” ?! Often not, at the moment of detention there is a chance to get valuable information. But an adequate person will not tell you anything, but if he runs a stress program, if he is humiliated and beaten .. Automatic addition of power is not an assistant here, you won’t run far from a monkey in handcuffs. But in a state of drastic reduction of intellectual resources, a person can blurt out. For this, in many everyday situations, sometimes they deliberately provoke conflict and aggression, in order to REDUCE the intellectual resources available to the opponent.

This applies always and in all situations. Arrange a queue of citizens in front of the place, create uncomfortable conditions there (crowding, noisy aunts, near the muzhik with a perforator) – and take them with your bare hands. If this is a shop, brazenly weigh on and cheat, if the state office extorts bribes, impose paid services. Well, if the clinic .. Scare a man in a state of stress, he is bad, I agree with everything. For any treatment, for any medicine.

This is a good indicator for the future: if your opponent consciously provokes you, deliberately leads you to a state of stress, he tries to transfer control of you to ineffective and dangerous programs, tries to take advantage of your weaknesses. This technique is used constantly, often people do not even realize this. Pay attention to this behavior, keep yourself in a stable condition, do not be stupid, do not play along with your opponent.

During scandals, they heard such a phrase “What, is it very clever ?!”. Beautiful phrase, straight to the point. Notice that stupid bosses, as a rule, are lousy, but why? Ham boss presses his subordinates; in the process of communication, everyone gets scared and becomes stupid below the level of that boss, everyone is under stress, and one is not stupid. Nonsense does not say, gives accurate and relevant answers. This is outraged, the outrage translates into such a traditional phrase. The traditional manner of subordination of such a superior fails; rational actions of the subordinate speak about it, this is how he is outraged. Everyone switched to stress programs and put themselves at his disposal, but this one does not. Very clearly: if in a serious organization the leadership does not obscure, does not behave rudely with its subordinates, this is not only a culture of leadership. This, above all, indicates a very high intellectual level of managers who simply do not need artificial limitation of the intellectual level of subordinates.

Have you noticed that different criminal personalities are spinning around train stations or airports? And why? Why don’t they have to figure out in the sleeping areas? Let people have a trip with them money, valuable things, but that’s not all. Traveling by train or flying by plane is stressful. A person is worried so as not to be late, so as not to steal things, he watches the situation, he is afraid of the same flight — he becomes stupid in a state of stress. In a residential area a person feels comfortable, at the station he is under stress, he is stupid there, everything is simple! Along the way at train stations he buys a lot of unnecessary things at inflated prices, those things that he would never buy for a fresh goal.

Have you noticed that different criminal personalities are spinning around train stations or airports? And why? Why don’t they have to figure out in the sleeping areas? Let people have a trip with them money, valuable things, but that’s not all. Traveling by train or flying by plane is stressful. A person is worried so as not to be late, so as not to steal things, he watches the situation, he is afraid of the same flight — he becomes stupid in a state of stress. In a residential area a person feels comfortable, at the station he is under stress, he is stupid there, everything is simple! Along the way at train stations he buys a lot of unnecessary things at inflated prices, those things that he would never have bought with a fresh mind. Klondike!

Here a novice driver makes stupid mistakes on the road, why? You were shown how you had to go there? He is under stress, he is STUPID! Mastered driving, will no longer experience stress, will drive a car much more meaningfully.

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