We observe a violation of posture called kyphosis

We observe a violation of posture called kyphosis, a consequence: the squeezed internal organs of the abdominal cavity, the violation of their functions, the squeezed diaphragm with impaired breathing function, as a consequence of disruption of the cardiovascular and nervous systems. The diaphragm makes about 20 000 respiratory movements per day. When you inhale, the dome of the diaphragm with stress falls down and presses on the internal organs of the abdominal cavity, which perform motion accompanying the motion of the diaphragm. Each internal organ of the abdominal cavity has its own physiological trajectory of motion. For example, the kidney, with quiet breathing, passes the distance to the bottom and slightly in front about three centimeters, and with intensive breathing about ten (!) Centimeters. All the internal organs of the abdominal cavity are connected with the diaphragm, attached directly or indirectly to the ligaments, the motion of the diaphragm is the process of maintaining the normal movement of the internal organs and maintaining their basic functions. Every time when examining the internal organs of the abdominal region, we find a direct relationship between spasms and fixation of internal organs and a violation of posture called kyphosis and / or kyphoscoliosis. (only the lateral projection is visible on the video). This violation of posture leads to a violation of the normal piston-like movement of the diaphragm, to spasms of internal organs and ligaments supporting them, a violation of their direct functions. All together leads to various chronic diseases, one way or another associated with impairment of the functions of the spine, that is, vertebrological diseases, disrupts the processes of self-healing of the organism, contributes to chronic fatigue and fatigue, accelerates the aging process !!! Correct posture is the universal key to good health and longevity, positive thinking and an active lifestyle! Restoring the correct posture of the body is a complex and time-consuming process that includes a whole block of information about proper nutrition, proper ergonomic movement, self correction of the human body, about psychoregulation and much more. Remember !!! The path of a thousand miles begins with the first step !!!

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