Your task is to get the coronavirus as easy as possible: Dr. Apinis

Your task is to get the coronavirus as easy as possible: Dr. Apinis

Your task is to get the coronavirus as easy as possible: Dr. Apinis

Your task is to get the coronavirus as easy as possible: Dr. Apinis

The Latvian doctor Peteris Apinis on his Facebook page in Russian gave the Latvian people (and not only) the most concrete advice on how to get coronavirus, but as easy as possible.

Since our country cannot avoid a pandemic, we must try to at least minimize the consequences. So – the former head of the Latvian Society of Physicians, the chief editor of the journal “Latvian Doctor” Peteris Apinis – about the most important …


Leading epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists in the world have recognized that the spread of SARS 2 coronavirus is virtually impossible to stop.

At least 2/3 of the world’s inhabitants in a milder or more severe form (or no symptoms at all) will get Covid 19. I ask all my patients, all readers of this article to understand that quarantine measures prolong the epidemic, relieve the work of hospitals, and allow me to focus on severe patients, but they do not cancel the pandemic.

You are most likely to encounter the SARS 2 virus. Covid 19 disease caused by coronavirus does not mean death. Everyone must decide for themselves to recover from this disease. Everyone who cares about their health can get this disease as easily as possible.

Neither the Sejm nor the government will personally help you with their decisions, will not provide you with a miracle – a medicine and will not bring a magic vaccine. Everyone can help themselves avoid the difficult course of the disease. The press and social networks daily claim that hundreds of people in Latvia or Europe fell ill with Covid 19. These are news headlines manipulated by global journalism. At least now in Latvia there is no severe case of Covid 19. Unfortunately, I must admit that there will be.

Every day we learn more and more about SARS 2 coronavirus, our ability to help seriously ill patients improves. Yes, we know which medications have best helped critically ill patients in China, Singapore, and Japan. We know drugs that reduce the activity of the virus and the symptoms of the disease. Our hospitals are well prepared to treat pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Coronavirus does not mean cessation of treatment for other diseases. Every day in Latvia, about 100 people die from stroke, heart attack, cancer, diabetes, injuries, chronic heart failure, as well as diseases of blood vessels, lungs, kidneys and liver. No one has died from a coronavirus infection in Latvia yet. In the event that we had an epidemic similar in Italy, other diseases could be more dangerous for the life and health of every person. It is dangerous not to treat chronic diseases, it is dangerous not to follow the recommendations of doctors, it is dangerous to forget about the annual vaccination for children and adults.

Remember: the coronavirus will come and go. We will stay here with a crisis economy, fears of the future and all previous diseases. Any amount of money spent on cancer treatment saves more than the same amount in the epidemiology of coronavirus. Nevertheless, I have great respect for the implementation and accurate, smart and intellectual action of the Ministry of Health, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (SPKC), the Emergency Medical Services (NMPD) and all Latvian doctors. We must be prepared to meet the virus, to get it in a mild form and return to a better world without chaos, tension, fear and the desire to make money at the expense of other people.

‼ I beg you to read and remember mine
ten recommendations :‼

1. Treat your chronic diseases so that the coronavirus does not meet you in a hospital bed.

The most important task for everyone who has chronic diseases is to treat them: follow the doctor’s instructions both about the regimen and the diet, and use all the prescribed medications exactly.
“Medicines don’t work for patients who don’t use them,” said C. Everett Koop, MD, a former US Secretary of Health (Surgeon General of the United States). Coronavirus threatens the lives of people who don’t stabilize their sugar well enough diabetes, do not treat your asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or heart failure.You must carefully treat your underlying disease yourself with the help of your doctor so that the coronavirus does not use it with the Trojan horse.
During a virus epidemic, patient inactivity or patient refusal to adhere to the regimen, dose, and time of drug administration is very dangerous. You should contact your family doctor or your specialist (endocrinologist, cardiologist, gastroenterologist) before meeting with the virus. If you have type 2 diabetes, you should take medication prescribed by your doctor. It is necessary to use medications prescribed by a doctor against high blood pressure;

2. Walking, running, cycling in the fresh air every day. Work in the garden.

Only your indirect or indirect immunity will allow you to easily get sick with Covid 19. Indirect immunity is most developed by movements and sports activities, rational nutrition and being in the fresh air. You need to find the opportunity every day to walk through the forest or on the seashore, run or ride a bike for at least one hour. Anyone who runs or walks fast in the fresh air every day will not die from coronavirus and will not suffer from it. No government quarantine measure is as effective as an active movement in the fresh air;

3. Train your chest and do breathing exercises every hour.

Have to exercise every day. Coronavirus typically threatens the epithelial cells of the respiratory tract or the alveolar cells of the lungs. The virus feels best where the humid air flow is in the upper segments of the lungs on the shoulder part and in the segments below the diaphragm. In a smaller number of respiratory segments of the lungs, various bacteria live, which can quickly turn the virus-caused disease into bacterial pneumonia and sepsis. These bacteria must be ventilated with proper breathing exercises. Any rehab practitioner or physiotherapist can show exercises – how to improve breathing in these segments. Proper diaphragmatic singing also ventilates the lungs.

As well as ventilating the lungs, it is necessary to ventilate living and working rooms. People with chronic illnesses and elderly patients should discuss the need for a pneumococcal vaccine with a family doctor. Pneumococci, which are already in our airways, cause pneumonia that can die. The pneumococcal vaccine will reduce the possibility of the pneumonia of the virus becoming a mixed pneumonia and sepsis;

4. Do not cough, do not sneeze, do not scream (and do not sing) at others.

Keep a distance of 2 meters. Do not communicate with a stranger for longer than 10 minutes.
The ability to receive SARS 2 coronavirus determines the talk time and distance or contact with an infected person. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (SPKC) of Latvia recommends being 2 meters apart, wearing glasses and gloves. Listen to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and SPKC – these recommendations were created by the most intelligent scientists in Latvia and the world.
So, communicate with each other remotely, best at a distance of at least 2 meters. Remember that coronavirus can be carried not only with air droplets, but also in kisses and during sex.
I advise you to avoid direct communications exceeding 10 minutes. Try to avoid events, moving on public transport and going to the supermarket beyond those 10 minutes;

5. Take recommendations for prevention and treatment on the SPKC website (, from well-known doctors, infectious disease specialists, epidemiologists.👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️

Trust what the chief infectious disease specialist of Latvia, Professor Uga Dumpis, Professor Lyudmila Viksna and epidemiologist Yuri Perevozchikov says. Do not believe miracle advertisements, antiviral vitamins, homeopathic remedies, and nutritional supplements. Eat plant foods potentially containing volatile phytoncides – garlic, onions, lettuce, spinach, cabbage, etc .;

6. Avoid alcohol abuse! No more than one dose (a glass of wine) per day! 🚫

Do not believe the advice to drink alcohol as a cure for the virus! Alcohol opens the gates of the respiratory tract for the virus, suppresses the body’s defense. An alcohol solution of at least 60 degrees is used as a deadly disinfectant for the virus. If you have acquired such a strong alcoholic drink, lower it on a napkin and clean your hands and surfaces;

7. Do not smoke! The combination of coronavirus and smoking is the path to the pathologist or grave digger.

Smoking should be quit immediately. Studies by Chinese colleagues suggest that the difference between mortality between men and women depends on the number of cigarettes smoked. Secondhand smoke is also life threatening when combined with the virus. Also, modern e-smoking methods combined with the virus are a real life threat;

8. Glasses, gloves, mask.😷

A face mask is an excellent means of protection so as not to get sick with SARS 2, but, according to the observations of Chinese experts, it is only suitable if both faces, both the carrier of the disease and the potential recipient, have put on masks. Respirators as a means of protection are left to medical workers, they have closer contact with patients. Significant protection against the virus – glasses. The best are those used by beach volleyball players. If you have a choice – lenses or glasses – choose glasses for a few more months.
In shops and other public places where you have to touch various objects and things, it’s nice to wear rubber, latex or plastic gloves. But the most important thing is not to put your hands in your mouth, nose, ear and not rub your eyes. Wash hands before eating, as well as fruits and vegetables;

9. Sterilize surfaces and rooms! 💧

In rooms where there was a person with an approved Covid 19 or a person who might have been sick with Covid 19, disinfection of surfaces and premises using disinfectants is necessary. It is important to thoroughly clean and disinfect all objects and surfaces, for example, door handles, elevator buttons, taps, walls and windows, surfaces in toilets and bathrooms, as well as telephones, tablet computers, which are often touched by many people. For processing small surfaces, it is recommended to use a 70% solution of ethyl alcohol. It is better to wash clothes in a washing machine as high as possible.
If it is possible to disinfect the rooms with ultraviolet radiation, avoid exposing yourself to radiation.

10. Wash hands frequently with soap or disinfectant. 👐

Wash your hands before eating, and especially after visiting the supermarket, public transport, and the toilet. An alternative to washing your hands in the washbasin of a public toilet, choose wipes with sterilizing liquid. Communicate less with people in crowded places.

👉All patients I ask to remember and share five more conclusions:

1. Coronavirus most threatens medical professionals. Spare them, because only medical professionals will cure you of the coronavirus and the diseases created by it. Remember that you don’t have to try to cough at the doctor, nurse or pharmacist, like any other person (cough under your elbow!). According to the recommendations of the World Alliance of Medical Professionals, doctors are entitled to longer breaks between calls, more rare duty hours, higher remuneration, well-paid work, safety equipment and psychological support; 🚑

2. Doctors are smart. Better to trust a doctor than political leaders. On TV and the Internet, believe in specialists in infectology and virology; 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️

3. Epidemiologists are smart. They know why, indoors, the risk of spreading the virus from patient to patient is especially high. The voice of the epidemiologist speaks world science; 🔎

4. The medicine is expensive. All countries will have to unfasten their wallet. We’ll have to think about how to train more doctors, more nurses, more pharmacists, more rehab specialists, and this will apply to both rich and developing countries. This is not the last dangerous virus that threatens humanity; 💶

5. In Latvia, the number of other diseases and causes of death has not decreased. It is still necessary to treat cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the organs of internal secretion, and chronic diseases.
For detailed questions do not call 113! At this time, someone can save access to the call when minutes or seconds are expensive to save lives. With all diseases that are not dangerous for your life and do not threaten your health in the long term, it is better to contact a health center or other outpatient medical institution and not load the hospital’s emergency room. Each of you should know by heart only one phone number – and this is the phone number of your family doctor. This is a person who can and knows how to help you. 📞

My dear patients! I apologize for grammatical errors and not smooth my Russian language! But I hope – the main thing you understand – you have to go in for active physical education and sports, treat your chronic diseases so that you can get Covid 19 without compliments!

This coronavirus does not divide people by nationality, skin color or religion. It threatens older people with chronic illnesses. This virus is especially dangerous in a hospital where cancer patients, cardiac and pulmonary patients, as well as patients with reduced immunity are treated. So, we will avoid visits to the republican university clinical hospitals without the need to inadvertently not bring the virus there.

Together we must work to prevent the virus from blocking the door of boarding houses and social institutions where elderly people live quite closely.
And yet – in the world we know more than 200 coronaviruses that live in the cells of mammals, birds, reptiles. 4 of them cause a runny nose and a cough for a person.
This SARS 2 is not the last that will overcome the barrier of species and come to people as a disease.

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