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I really love spring! ❤️
For me, spring is always a start, the beginning of something positive. But now I physically feel it – even air is permeated with nerves and tension … Therefore, I just want to relieve the situation a little. Here you can switch:

1. May 2019 – Greece, the Ionian Sea. On yachts and catamarans. Warm beautiful Relax. Budget.

2. August 2019 – on Yachts in the fjords of Norway. Here it is unrealistic to be cool, but rather cold, and to the most beautiful places we will have long trekking tours. Norway is quite expensive both in terms of renting yachts and in terms of food.

3. September 2019. Italy-France. Elba and Corsica. Warm yacht trip with a historical touch.

3. January 2020. Not yachting! Not Relax! Expedition on jeeps with long daily journeys to low-habitable, but truly unique places. Africa (Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe).

4. February 2020. On catamarans – Cuba, the Caribbean Sea, iguanas, lobsters and rum. Beautiful Relax + adventures under the motto “back in the USSR”.

5. End of February – March 2020. Canary Islands. Sports yachting in the ocean. Winds, rolls, stretched sails, long sea crossings, dolphins and whales. Traveling to volcanoes and relict forests.

Commands to all Travels are already being actively formed Take a break) 😊

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