Travel Dreams for little money. With us the impossible is possible! 😊

Travel Dreams for adequate money.
With us the impossible is possible! 😊

Ad See Go Travel’s adventure plan for 2019. We invite with us)

1. “Another reality” – Jeep tour in Africa (Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe). Travel to the world of dunes, wild animals and unique tribes. In one trip – all climatic zones of Africa! We will see the ocean, the ancient desert of the world Namib, savannah, jungle, fantastic rock massifs, the largest waterfall in Africa Victoria fall. Dates: January 1–20, 2019. Group of 12 people (three jeeps). Active adventures, exploratory tour, not Relax! Accommodation in comfortable campgrounds. The “for friends” format is your personal travel expenses plus a small organization fee. Free 2 places.

2. “Real Yachting” – a yacht trip to the Canary Islands (Spain). Drive tour. Yachting in the Atlantic Ocean. Lots of wind, waves, stretched sails. Dolphins and whales to accompany the yacht) Bright program on land – trekking to volcanoes and relict forests, black volcanic beaches and historical sites associated with the name of Columbus, Loro Park. Spring is always here – the perfect weather for walking (+24!) Cyclades 43.4 yacht (4 cabins for 2 people). Captain Kostritsa Sergey. Team 8 people + captain. Dates: 16-23.02.19 (all seats are occupied) and 02.02-02.03.19 (one cabin is free for 2 people)

3. Romantic sailing in the Ionian Sea (Greece). On yachts and catamarans. Relax tour. Zakynthos Islands, Kefalonia, Ithaca. Places where the water is so clear that it feels as if the yachts are floating in the air … Inaccessible to land tourists bay of fantastic beauty. Calm, but very picturesque island life. Paragliding over the famous Navajo Bay. Journey to the sunken ship. Warm, sunny, bright, and still without the sweltering Greek heat. An additional bonus is the most budget travel)

4. Norway. Country fjords, glaciers and trolls. The unique beauty of the northern nature, fish diet, and if you are lucky – the northern lights!
Three formats:
A) The rally (7-17.08.2019) is relatively budget and bright.
B) Motor race plus yachting – full immersion into the world of fjords from different sides. Dates: motor rally 7-17.08.2019 plus yachting 17.08-25.08.2019.
B) Yachting: 24.08-31.08.2019 – unrealistic impressions for the most courageous: cold and quite expensive, unfortunately …

5. Yachting with a historical touch. Elba-Corsica (Italy-France). On Yachts in the footsteps of Napoleon. Informative trip.
Dates September 14 – 09/21/2019

6. “Yachting for friends”, “Corporate yachting”, “Events on Yachts”, “Yacht quest” for a ready-made team – ALWAYS!

We organize turnkey trips for a ready-made team of 4 people anywhere in the world! From you – the desire to actively travel and a team of like-minded people. From us – comfortable means of transportation (Yachts, catamarans, jeeps), reliable captains, worked out to the smallest detail for the interests of your team, bright and non-standard routes. It’s simple – come up with ideas, collect friends, write, call …

Organizational group:
Bragina Marina +38 (067) 2530319
Elnyakov Andrey +38 (099) 0078922
Bragina Elena +38 (067) 8455292

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