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Maryna Bragina added 40 new photos – in a delightful mood with Nata Kurylenka and 3 more.

Catamaran logbook “Lea-Lea”
December 7-8 (fading into December 9)

We are in Sardinia! For the first time in the southernmost part of the island) Upon arrival, we searched for a police station for a long time to mark the arrival of the kat flying the American flag … Alas, it did not work to find the police station opened on Saturday. But they walked around the whole huge Marina, port and city) Then the story repeated with yacht refueling. Well, the fact that there are no people at gas stations on Saturday is somehow understandable. But you can’t refuel on your own either !!! In contrast with Norway, where in general everything is always on its own …)) Thus, it was not possible to leave until the weather worsened … we hang again, but now in Italy) Tradition? 😂😂😂

December 8 – a holiday on a catamaran! 🔥🥂🎁
Birthday of Kep and owner Denis! Have you ever cooked a meat cake? Yes, it happens! Super beautiful! For a birthday boy who has lost incredible weight in a year, this is it! And blow out the candles on the jamon leg? Yes, we have it)) Well, this is an evening program, a little earlier there was of course a restaurant. With lobster and other sea snacks. We are in Italy!
And views, views …. and temples …. and fortresses !!!
Yes, it makes sense to linger)

Sardinia, Cagliari.
To be continued, friends! 😉
Photo Maryna Bragina
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