Italy, Yachting campaign on the 15th of September, 09.2018; Yacht cruise Greece, South Cyclades 26.10-5.11.18

Maryna Bragina

A team of 32 people to the yachting Italian travel is ready!

Snow White Yachts are waiting, kru-sheets in the press, tailors are sewn up a brand new beautiful yacht linen, and we are in Dreams about new adventures under sails and not only)

– Italy, Yachting trip on the 15-22.09.2018
– Greece, Southern Cyclades 26.10-5.11.18 (one cabin is free on a luxury catamaran! The practice of English bonuses😊)
– Africa, Jeep Tour 01.01.19-19.01.2019
– Canary Islands – February 2019 (dates to be agreed)
– Greece, the island of Zakynthos – 4 yachting trips in a row! 27.04.19-04.05.19; 04.05.19-11.05.19; 11.05.19-18.05.19; May 18, 25-25

P.S. Who manages to make an advance payment for any of the Greek campaigns before 04.09.18 – goes on the most favorable terms)

I love everyone! To all the wonderful unforgettable day and the fulfillment of the most daring Dreams!


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