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First of all, the film is talented. Here once gathered his thoughts and described the obvious reasons for the unprecedented career rise of the heroine Alentova. Moscow doesn’t believe in tears that it is behind the scenes Dmitry Gorchilin

With this guy is more interesting. He’s really some kind of smart and correct for a locksmith. But the truth is that the brethren jumps out of their pants to put in a good word for him. And having found him in a state of a binge to reality, they pull out an urgent problem for him, this is not the price of vodka but the seizure of a plane by terrorists. Yes, and he is observant of some kind.

Gosh, most likely, the typical “downed pilot” – an officer, an operative of the KGB, which threw some important operation. At what, the man obviously worked not with people, but with technology, there is a number of testimonies to that. Whether at the factory where he was the head of the First Division, they blew up something, or the secret carrier ran away with an armful of documents, or something else. The ex-wife mentioned can also be the reason, maybe the daughter of some party bigwigs and quarreled. Maybe he even beat his wife on the career ladder in the other direction. Maybe this is the reason — he entered the Academy and found there an occasional passion. Wife proznala-and did not go home. He stayed in a random housing provided at the time of study. This, by the way, explains the method of searching for a person in a huge capital without explicit installation data. His friend who found him, too, it seems, from some specific “organs”, all searches could look very simple — they searched among their own. Well, or among colleagues in the next department.

When scientists say that only thanks to Gaucher they got their titles, they neither lie. In general, he was fired for a cool joint. They neither planted nor punished; his guilt was not great, but an important state matter failed. But Gosh regularly communicated with his colleagues, the Office regularly asked for foreign spies to enter it. Gosh asked, they say, the intelligent guy will defend himself, look so that everything is okay, and passes normally. Maybe someone was not allowed access to the secret – and a simple mechanic vouched, predetermining a successful career as a scientist. Accordingly, the fellow scientists see that the head of the First Department calls for tea for Gosha in a day and flatter them immensely. Polka-bowties may also dance — but for the time being they are not necessary. Gosh behaves adequately, a good guy, but quarrel with him, tomorrow get a referral to the Murmansk branch.

The reaction to black Volga is quite common. They are like the rest of the citizens trolleybuses, nothing special. The moment of the fight with the hooligans is interesting, Gosha obviously makes a fool of himself and sneers at the youngsters on the sly. For a KGB operative, this is a core subject, he can break up and re-cripple the youth in a few seconds along the way, conducts educational conversations and uses, let’s say, not the most effective techniques.

A very characteristic scene is dating. The former operative is able to mimic, for him it is akin to habit. He knows that no sane spy will suspect in the surveillance of a person transporting bulky cargo. Help your grandmothers to carry suitcases, trunks, samovars, and people do not perceive it as a threat and you can put a service weapon inside.

Well, the reason for the interest in the main character is obvious – a person has intelligence and the level of culture is much higher than average. In his social circle, there are only collective farmers, the situation forces not to shine too much. And here the pretty intelligent stupid lady should not miss such a chance!

Dmitry Gorchilin

Instead of an afterword:

The prologue is not included in the film.

Park, shop, Gosh, and some guy in a suit. Unhurried conversation.
Gosh, you are needed there. The helpers asked for help themselves do not cope. Light Industry Factory, Moscow. Plunders for hundreds of thousands of rubles, the article is already firing. OBKHSS came to separate parts of the scheme, but there is a suspicion that the director there is in charge of everything.
They went to her closest associates, her long-time friends expressed their willingness to cooperate, actively working with employees of the enterprise. She herself can not take, to prove the involvement can not yet. Working with agents, listening to working rooms and telephone, outdoor surveillance, yet nothing.
Gosh, you are a great specialist in women, you for that from work and get your talents. All that we need to do, a special operation has been developed and prepared. She will be alone in the evening on the train. The approach should be natural. No posturing, no amateur performance. It is proposed to attract attention with a samovar, it will give you a pensioner, our former employee of the archive. Shoes, she pays attention to shoes, should be in the right form, we will do. You take her home by taxi, in the evening at a train station crowded with people, we’ll all arrange a free car for you. Our employee will be driving, if the conversation goes wrong, he will organize a minor accident, you will be witnesses, another topic for communication.
She has a lover there from responsible workers, we will move him, we will give a mother-in-law a tip so that she will not be confused under your feet, do not interfere with you. She has a daughter, play the traditional situation with the attack of bullies on her boyfriend. There will be a couple of her friends, the rest of our line, smart guys, athletes. When you need to cry, fall, run away, do everything right. You will introduce it to the staff of the institute, they will have a few punctures in our unit, they will do as we say, the most importantly competently instruct. Try not to look fake.
Gosh, we are talking about the embezzlement of socialist ownership of huge sums, but so far we have succeeded in taking small performers. Here is the law and the honor of the office at stake, you need to wipe the nose of OBKHSS, show how to work. Whether this director is an incredibly experienced conspirator, or she is really not in the business, is in fact a figurehead, the most important things happen behind her back. Gosh, we need these people. Understand, but very carefully, do not rush. And in the course of the operation do not find yourself another woman, Don Juan fucking!


In light of the latest ideas about the beautiful in the cinema, Gosh will be a black HIV-infected gay.

..and seduce Volodya, Katerina’s lover (Tabakov’s character). Who is aware that he has been engaged in all these years. Being a high and responsible employee, he was always that .. but he did not know about it. And under the guidance of passionate dark-skinned Gosha, he will join the vicious voluptuous pleasures, begin to sniff cocaine and write articles for Voice of America.

Sad Katerina, was completely desperate to arrange a personal life in the company of these idiots, suddenly realize that she, too, has the makings and great friends.

The final frames are a garment factory where she is the director who is being demolished, a skyscraper and a shopping center are being built at this place.

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