Coronavirus infection (COVID-19), considerations for visitors to

WHO recommendations for the general public regarding the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19)

Additionally, the following can be noted:

1. Today, there are no effective antiviral drugs;

2. In case of illness, maintenance therapy will be indicated. That is, the body will need to help maintain its condition, while there is no direct effect on the underlying disease;

3. Complications in the form of infections are not excluded. Medicine does not recommend the use of antibiotics in the treatment of influenza, but antibiotics should be available and ready for use if necessary;

4. Additional efforts to remove toxins (sorbents, droppers);

5. In essence, the patient should be treated for (possible) infections and poisoning;

6. Worst case scenario Pulmonary fibrosis. That is, something like scar tissue occurs in the lungs, a process that occurs in severe stages of tuberculosis. The patient may need a ventilator, resuscitation. This is a very difficult case, such equipment is not enough and there is nowhere to take it especially. In the most extreme case, intubation with an air source can be recommended. Efficiency is small, but better than nothing;

7. In any scenario, it is very desirable to have a household air ionizer in the room;

8. It is necessary to understand that epidemics are dangerous by a large number of persons simultaneously in need of treatment. That is, very little time will be given to patients, there will be a very acute need for medical staff and medical facilities, medicines. The conditions of which doctors under normal conditions successfully withdraw patients in such conditions can be incurable. Therefore, it is desirable to form a personnel reserve, to consider options for the placement of patients. If hospitalization is not possible, the room should be equipped with effective exhaust ventilation;

9. It is advisable in the apartment to have a stock of food for 2 weeks and bottled drinking water for a week.

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