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Did you notice that we constantly learn from each other? Personally, I’m a big fan of spontaneous decisions. There was an idea – I grab it and – forward, towards adventure! All think out and decide on the way) And many of my friends are more comfortable planning ahead, to think, to prepare, and only then to implement some interesting Project. Why am I writing about this? Because for me, May 2019 is still somewhere far away, and friends already bought air tickets to Athens … So I’m learning! Spontaneously)) 👍😂

So, May 2019. The plans are still very raw, but the following is definitely defined:

1. We meet in Athens, together we move to the area of ​​the island of Zakynthos, where we settle on Yachts, raise sails and go to explore one of the most beautiful regions of Greece!

2. At least two teams will go:
The first from 04 to 11 May 2019,
The second is from 11 to 18 May 2019.

3. Travel will be comfortable, incredibly beautiful and quite budgetary. The price of the airline tickets to Athens is currently the lowest. “Ship box” is money that we spend on food on Yachts, on local alcohol, on household trivia, on parking in Marinas and fuel. In Greece, this amount has never exceeded 100 euros per person per week (with strawberry boxes, champagne and chocolates). Yachts will try to take very early to ensure a high level of comfort at the optimally low price.

4. A detailed description of the route and a detailed calculation of the cost of Yacht Travel will appear by the end of October 2018.

5. For those who make an advance payment before the beginning of September 2018 – the price will be especially pleasant and fixed in advance)

ABOUT THE ROUTE. Zakynthos is one of the most beautiful parts of Greece. Incredibly transparent water, many wonderful bays, the best beaches, many active entertainments. Personally, I’m not in Zakynthos yet. But my experienced friends-captains were. And we planned “reconnaissance” of the route in the early days of October 2018.

Many know that on September 15-22, 2018 our team goes on a yacht trip to the volcanic Aeolian Islands (Italy). At the end of this trip a small group of enthusiasts, including me, will move to Greece to personally choose the best Yachts for our May trip, agree on the most comfortable price for them, and go along the proposed route. Thus, we will be able to determine with our own eyes the brightest points of the future of Travel and tentatively calculate the distances. And then I will be happy to describe in detail what / where / when we will see and what surprise every May day) There is no doubt that it will be cool!

There are a lot of people who follow our yachting trips, trust me and my team, want to travel with minimal expenses … Now is the optimal time for buying air tickets to Greece, and September-October is the optimal time for yacht charter. At the moment 10 people have bought tickets to Athens, so there is no road back! Our trip will necessarily take place, and it is possible in September we will rent not one, but several yachts … Dream, plan, decide))

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Zakinthos photo taken from the Internet. On my own while I dream)

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