The nearest Yachting trip is on the 15th of September 2009. Italy. Aeolian Islands

I’m incredibly proud of my friends! 👍 👍👍
And I’m ready to talk about this endlessly)


We went on a yacht trip together. We came to the understanding that it is impossible for us to live without sailing. We love the sea, the wind, drive, adventure. We dream to visit the most interesting and most beautiful corners of the planet. We are all successful people, everyone has a permanent job, not connected with the sea. We are united by the love of sails and new impressions. We want and have the opportunity to share these feelings with you. We teamed up because we have similar life goals. Yachting makes people happy! ❤️ Join now!

So, who is the main man on the yacht? Captain! From his knowledge, skills, endurance, the ability to think a few steps forward, and somewhere even resourcefulness depends on the safety and comfort of all members of the crew and the ship itself.

All captains in our team are highly educated, technically competent, experienced yachtsmen and incredibly interesting people. Naturally, each captain has an international license. The yacht is an expensive toy, and not a single charter company or owner will transfer the ship into the hands of a person whose license and reputation have not been checked many times. As you understand, all the interested parties are available “black lists” of captains. Our captains are trusted by the best yachts and catamarans, and this says a lot.

Among our captains are candidates of science, top managers, financial consultants, employees of large international organizations and the best universities of the country, athletes and even doctors. Behind everyone’s shoulders is the experience of yachting trips both in Ukraine and abroad, participation in regattas and complex Atlantic transitions. With us – masters of sailing, professional trainer and instructor SB20. Each captain can share his knowledge and skills, if you want, of course) And yet – with a deeper acquaintance – every captain will surely make you wonder. Just imagine – the hobbies of these people are not limited to yachting! From curling to salsa, from speleology to linguistics, from the ability to cook incredibly delicious pieces before diving, about mountain hikes, bike rides, skis, snowboards and flying on everything that flies – and there’s nothing to say))) In general, you will have to figure out the puzzle that of whom! 😄

P.S. In the photo, people who, during the campaign to the Aeolian Islands on September 15-22, 2018, will ensure your safety at sea and will almost certainly become friends for life)

P.P.S. The nearest Yachting trip is on the 15th of September 2009. Italy. Aeolian Islands. For more information click here: and

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