Aleks Y Viediernikov‎; People’s University of Naturopathy and Physical Rehabilitation.

Dear friends !!! Manipulation therapy is as old as human history !!! There have always been healers who can “reset” or correct dislocations and fractures of the joints, including the joints of the spine. The founder of European medicine Hippocrates already in the fifth century BC considered spinal therapy along with surgery and medicinal treatment as one of the cornerstones of medicine !!! In his work on the treatment of joints, he uses the term “parartremata”? which roughly corresponds to the concepts of “dislocation” or “subluxation” in Chiropractic. You can cite as an example a quote from the works of Hippocrates: “The vertebrae do not move much, but not much …, you need to study the spine, since many diseases are associated with the spine, and this knowledge is necessary to cure many diseases. ” He wrote about methods of spinal treatment: “This is an ancient art. I have the deepest respect for those who were its pioneers, as well as for those who, like me, contribute with their discoveries to the further development of this art of healing by natural methods. Nothing should escape from the eyes and hands of an experienced healer, so that he would not be able to use in reposition of displaced vertebrae without harming the patient. The higher the art of healing, the less harm it brings to the patient. ” But its benefits are not measurable !!! (K.Levit, J. Zahse, V.Yanda Manual Medicine)
Many images of antiquity provide us with manipulative treatment. The patient lies on his stomach, on a special table, he is stretched behind his head and legs, the healer performs manipulations on a specific vertebra (segment). This type of treatment has been used at all times. One of the pillars of medicine, Galen knew that peripheral nerves protrude on the spine and could be damaged in these places. However, if newest pharmacotherapy and surgery developed from primitive pharmacotherapy (with herbs) and surgery of antiquity (especially during the last two centuries), then manual therapy in general was left behind by traditional medicine !!! It is not clear how it could happen that one of the most important areas of medicine and healing of antiquity in general turned out to be emasculated to the level of the so-called “therapeutic massage” as harmless as so much useless !!! The use of this species as a variety of Physio procedures is quite common in the field of traditional medicine, but its benefits and therapeutic effects are relative and in many cases doubtful. finita la comedia
Thus, therapy lacking knowledge of effective functional manipulations on the joints of the spine and other bone joints, turned into stroking and rubbing rather superficial and not bringing real healing, but only temporary relief, such is the Physiotherapy of our days. But a huge number of people suffering from problems of the locomotor apparatus of the body are forced to seek a solution to their problems outside the institutions of traditional medicine. So, alternative medicine schools appeared in the 19th century. Such as the Osteopathy School in the United States of America, the Chiropractic School again in the USA. Doctors who understood the importance and effectiveness of manipulative methods for treating the spine and other joints organized the direction of Manual Medicine or Manual Therapy in Europe in the 20th century. However, they acquired their basic knowledge from the same Chiropractors and Ostopaths. Attempts to introduce methods of manual therapy into traditional medicine unfortunately did not lead to the proper effect and widespread use of methods. The reason is simple and banal. All the basic techniques of manual exposure require not only a good knowledge of anatomy and physiology, but also the special sensitivity of the operator’s hands, a correct understanding of the body functions of a healthy person, his potential, and developed spatial thinking. And one of the most important requirements for manual operator exposure is the level of his own physical health and well-being. This factor cannot be ignored. The operator, simply speaking, must be a physically very strong and enduring person, while very sensitive. This is a rare combination especially in our time, especially among doctors. Finita la comedia…
Currently, it is possible to supplement the list of schools of Osteopathy and Chiropractic, which to some extent successfully teach methods of manual exposure. This is for example the Kinesitherapy School, where the method is based on knowledge of the functional relationships of myofascial structures. The method of Kinesitherapy has quite original ways of manual muscle testing and determining the causes of dysfunction. Another important and deep method is the Japanese Chiropractic Kotsuban Yumeiho, which in some cases is referred to as a special Oriental massage. The method includes the original basic principles and techniques of study of the whole body including myofascial functional relationships and articular joints of all levels of the body, in order to correct and restore the whole whole organism. Kotsuban Yumeiho includes special corrective gymnastics active and passive. Another relatively new area that can be called scientific bone-law is the Manual Motor Correction of the problems of the Human Body. This author’s method includes the basic knowledge of techniques and the principles of the manipulative effect of Chiropractic and Osteopathy, Kotsuban Yumeiho and Kinesiotherapy, and the most important training of operators and patients in Special Preventive Rehabilitation Gymnastics can significantly improve and maintain both general health and high functionality whole human body including internal organs. Training in the school of Scientific “bone setters” takes place on three main levels: the first level is the “home chiropractor” to provide ongoing assistance to yourself and first aid to your loved ones as a chiropractor healer; the second level is a “sports chiropractor” to provide permanent assistance to themselves and first aid to athletes or clients of fitness centers and the third level for professionals practicing any methods of manual exposure, as a way to significantly help themselves, as well as significantly improve the procedures for their patients.

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