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Maryna Bragina added 24 new photos – with Sergiy Kostritsa and 2 more. Catamaran logbook “Lea-Lea” FIRST DAY (11/26/19-27/11/19) -212 miles Start from Marina Alimos (Athens) – 12.45 Crossing of the Corinth Canal – from 18.00 Arrival at Marina Lefkada – 10.30 It was beautiful 👍❤️! For the first time, we looked at the Corinth […]

Exercise to restore neuromuscular regulation through restoration of the functions of the shoulder girdle, cervicothoracic junction, and emphasis on the thoracic spine | Alexey Vedernikov

Dear friends!!! You will see in this video exercises to restore neuromuscular regulation through the restoration of the functions of the shoulder girdle, the neck-thoracic junction, and emphasis is placed on the thoracic spine. In this set of exercises, the continuity of the exercises following one after another at a very slow pace and in […]

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Go see travel What to do on the weekend? Dream!!! And make plans) Get inspired! ❤️ FRESH AND FRESH !!! 🔥 (FULL LIST) Updated information about our events at the end of 2019 and in 2020. Teams for all campaigns are already being formed, we are waiting for active and driving ones! ⛵️🚘🏃🏻‍♂️ 1. 🇺🇦 […]

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Travelers note! 🙃 How many types of edible rappans do you know? Here we have a week in Greece did not pass without new experience)) We share knowledge and emotions! The smallest were the smallest – those in the first photo. Yes, yes, eat raw, with lemon juice. Pure protein guys! And it just tastes […]

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We invite you to an incredible and fascinating journey to the Maldives. Escort of the Russian-speaking guide; Transfer to resort islands; Holidays on the islands of paradise; Fantastic snorkeling; Shark swimming Immersion in mantle; Dolphin Safari; Meeting with turtles. Call us +380677729067! Приглашаем в невероятное и увлекательное путешествие на Мальдивские острова. Сопровождение русскоязычного гида; Трансфер […]

Cosmetology Dnipro / Dnipropetrovsk | Peeling oxigen gel line Oxigen +380676507474

Oxigen gel peeling line Oxigen is specially designed for problem skin prone to oily, acne, hypersecretion of the sebaceous glands, rashes and comedones, both for young and aging skin. It has a powerful antiseptic effect, pronounced cleansing properties, brightens and evens out skin tone. It allows you to get rid of black spots, inflammatory elements, […]