Cosmetology for men. School of Health. GuberniaTV

Cosmetology is usually considered in relation to women. But men have a number of questions to the beautician. There are a number of specific moments of male cosmetology. This is important for career and personal life. All questions you will be happy to answer a highly qualified specialist, a doctor of the highest category, a […]

Yachting and tourism. Updated information about our travels on 2019-2020 and availability.

Go See Travel FRESH AND FRESH !!! Updated information about our travels on 2019-2020 and availability. Teams are formed, waiting for active and driving! 😊 🇳🇴1.August 2019 – on Yachts in Norway fjords. Here it is unrealistic to be cool, but rather cold, and to the most beautiful places we are waiting for long trekking. […]

Cosmetic procedure carboxytherapy in Dnipro / Dnipropetrovsk

NANOBIOCARE SERIES “CARBOXY THERAPY” This is a complete therapeutic system for restoring interstitial respiration and vital functions of skin cells, based on the injection-free transdermal administration of molecular carbon dioxide under the skin. The procedure is based on the effect of Verigo – Bohr, which states that increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the […]

We invite you to a trip to Norway: motor rally, yachting, diving.

  Maryna Bragina in anticipation. Good morning to all dreamers, adventure seekers, active driving people, as well as all sympathizers and empathizers of our bright stories! 😊 Before the start of the Travel to Norway it remains a little over a month. The motor rally-reconnaissance and two week yacht trips are fully prepared. For the […]