We observe a violation of posture called kyphosis

We observe a violation of posture called kyphosis, a consequence: the squeezed internal organs of the abdominal cavity, the violation of their functions, the squeezed diaphragm with impaired breathing function, as a consequence of disruption of the cardiovascular and nervous systems. The diaphragm makes about 20 000 respiratory movements per day. When you inhale, the […]

Why women are fools or about the nature of demons

Original article in Russian The author is Dmitry Gorchilin, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.   Preface: people do not always understand the meaning of the word “demon” or “demon”. For me personally, for a long time it was associated with something horned-tailed-abstract. And, in general, literary-folklore. Some change happened quite by accident. I had a friend who honestly […]