Italy, Yachting campaign on the 15th of September, 09.2018; Yacht cruise Greece, South Cyclades 26.10-5.11.18

Maryna Bragina A team of 32 people to the yachting Italian travel is ready! Snow White Yachts are waiting, kru-sheets in the press, tailors are sewn up a brand new beautiful yacht linen, and we are in Dreams about new adventures under sails and not only) – Italy, Yachting trip on the 15-22.09.2018 – Greece, […]

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Digger News 20180827 Funny, interesting, curious

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Digger News 20180826 Funny, interesting, curious

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The nearest Yachting trip is on the 15th of September 2009. Italy. Aeolian Islands

I’m incredibly proud of my friends! 👍 👍👍 And I’m ready to talk about this endlessly) Today – ABOUT OUR TEAM, ABOUT BEST CAPITANS We went on a yacht trip together. We came to the understanding that it is impossible for us to live without sailing. We love the sea, the wind, drive, adventure. We […]

Yacht expedition in September 2018

Again a beautiful photo for you) It is on these volcanoes we plan to rise in September during the yachting expedition to the Aeolian Islands! It is these beautiful places that we will see, it is here that we will taste Malvasia on September 15, 1998-22.09.18. Take with you 2 bold) Write in a personal […]

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